11 Feb 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I have been in early everyday since last Tuesday. It's not that bad at all. When I say early I'm talking about 15 - 20 minutes early. So this is what is feels like to be white. LMAO!!!
  • I'm getting frustrated with my friend's lack of everything...Dinner is next Saturday for birthday #2 I have already booked for March and May. Do you think I have been told the time and that the booking has been made? I don't think the booking has been made. I'm going to sit and wait for a phone call/e-mail about dinner. I'm not mentioning it.
  • Still on being frustrated, ummm we are....scratch that. I AM putting together a joint 30th Birthday book chronicling every month as a keepsake for the 30th milestone. The night after we got back from birthday dinner #1 I was up till 5:30am getting started on that book on Microsoft Word, adding pictures and writing trying to make it as good as possible so come December it's ready to be published. One copy for me. One copy for her. In hardback. I'm even going to ask my sister's boyfriend a graphic designer to help with designing the front/back cover. This is a project for me that I'm enjoying putting together. I sent that out to her in an e-mail attachment, called twice about getting started and getting it back to me to edit etc. Where the fuck is it? You know something I call NO MORE. If I don't get it back. It becomes my book for my milestone. So then come x amount of months down the line I'm supposed to kill out myself adding all the missing months? Nah!!! Sick of chasing folks.
  • Again still on being frustrated. You can't open up the word document and check your e-mail but you've gone online and registered on ESTA to be let into the USA in June for our birthday trip that we haven't even booked yet. **kiss teet** PRIORITIES! PRIORITIES! Send me back the blasted document and book a table fi next week!
  • I have no real stress in life because I get EVERYTHING off my chest. In this blog and everywhere else. If it's out. Then there's nothing left in to get out. Hence no money needed for therapists. I confront people when needed and speak my mind. Those that don't like it can step!! It's important for me to be bold, brazen and vocal!! When I lay my head down there is nothing to stress over.
  • Just because I don't agree with your ass doesn't mean I don't like you. Why can't some folks understand that?
  • I'm planning to go to the US for a month in October to visit friends, have a good time, a rest [sort of], and party. Remember folks I said I. I AM PLANNING. So I mention it to a friend about coming out on PART of the trip, not forcing anyone. You know, meet me out there for whatever city. Two two's [it's a UK thing] my girl is coming back talking about what date she can make. Um excuse me. This is my trip, I'm going to be here at such and such a date. If you can reach, you reach, if not I'm going solo and meeting up with people when I'm out there as planned. I'm not begging company. What is this? You think because you can do the 1st, 2nd or whatever week in October I'm gonna shift my dates? Nah dem tings cyan run. That's nice luv you can do x date. I'm going from the 3rd October to the 1st November. See ya!!
  • Why is it when I go away my friend gets kinda upset that I'm not going to be here, but when I come back my phone doesn't ring. And when I say that one day I'm not going to be here [as in living in London], she's talking about calling me everyday if I lived overseas. No you will not! Well you can call but my black ass will be out. Where is my phone call today, now in London? Or last week, or over the weekend? Talk about blatant admission of taking someone for granted. I don't call you because I'm busy or forgot, but if you move away I'll call everyday. **Rolls eyes**
  • I'm loving my Lush products. I'm clearing out my house of all those products with shit ingredients in them that you can't even pronounce. Xenatriphogalnitrate. [It's made up] but you catch my drift. I know what Cocoa Butter, Orange Flower Water, Shea Butter, Honey Water, Almond Oil, Chamomile Water and Oat Milk are, therefore I'll pay the extra and love the way my skin feels and my bathroom smells. My skin has never felt this good. now I know why. For years I've been putting synthetic ingredients on my skin.
  • Will I work more today or e-mail folks today?
  • That book for January, A Lesson Before Dying is boring as hell. I think the book club is officially over. I'm going to order an E. Lynn Harris book on Amazon.
  • I don't think you have to have met people in person to consider them friends. I know two people from a forum we were both on back in 1998. To this day we still haven't met, but chat on the regular.
  • Right. Off to e-mail folks.


  1. Gurl!! Does your friend have a twin who also happens to be my friend??Coz I had to check yesterday where the confirmation of this Saturdays lunch et dinner (planned since December)..and yup not done BUT I didn't even say let me do it...nope!

  2. No she doesn't but maybe they can get toegther and see what we have to contend with.

    People want to call me too organised. How about that's a cover for your too lazy ass!


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