11 Feb 2009

She's Gotta Have It - Reebok Freestyle

For some guys fast cars makes their nether regions stand to attention. The only car I'm really in love with is the Audi R8. **closes legs**

If I'm going to spend money on non platform heeled footwear it has to be, let's just call it different.

Crazy kicks, sneaks, trainers whatever you want to call it are a weakness of mine. Thank goodness it's a weakness I have under control, but if I didn't **shakes head** it would be over.

You'll never catch me in a pair of trainers like this.

Something about plain trainers just don't do it for me. I like to wear a pair of kicks that have people coming up to me and asking me where I got them from, because they look tight, a lil crazy from the plain norm. I can't get excited over white trainers. Give me gold, silver or some serious colours all thrown together.

So here are a few of my wish list Reebok trainers at the moment, that I may be adding as new additions to the collection.

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