25 Feb 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I saw a double bill at the cinema last night. Slumdog Millionaire and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Don't even bother seeing the latter. Slumdog was good, beautiful cinematography, great direction and acting [especially from the little Slumdog children]. I didn't think much of Frieda Pinto at all, and what was up with Dev's Northern/Indian accent mix?
  • Do they always have to resort to the light skinned Desi women. Especially as the first two Latika's were dark skinned. **WHATEVER**
  • Still on Slumdog, I managed to see this film with no expectations even with all of the hype surrounding it. I don't listen to critics who pan or hype up a movie. I knew nothing about the film or the plot [except it centering around the slums, a game show and a love interest]. Having said that I didn't think it was great or fantastic, although I did enjoy it a lot. Everybody has their own take on a movie, I totally understood the underlying message even if others didn't. I'll get it on DVD though. I'll probably enjoy it more the second time around. I usually do. Everything is usually better the second time around.
  • What is up with people eating food on the street and in public transport? I just passed a guy eating porridge [oatmeal] outside. It seems like manners and decorum have totally gone out of the window. Not even a packet of crisps do I eat when I'm out and about.
  • I feel so dehydrated I fell asleep with the heating on last night and woke up with the inability to breath properly.
  • I need these Walker's limited edition fish & chips flavoured crisps. Talk about tasty.
  • Which part do you think I'm reaching for your birthday drinks when you can barely muster up a good morning. If I say good morning, a smile does not suffice in my book. Later luv, just totally reiterated why I have no time for work people and work drinks. Beggy beggy to come out for your 'do', but don't have basic manners. Sorry this black woman doesn't play that. I hate it when folks want you to come out just to make up numbers over just wanting you there because they want you there.
  • It's best I remain silent for most of this day.
  • I will actually be doing some work [I hope].
  • The 'wotlessness' or lack of effort on some friends parts where I have asked them to do x, y and z doesn't bother me anymore. It really doesn't.
  • Another double bill at the cinema tonight or go home?
  • OK maybe 1 movie, then home.
  • Does my love for Tyler Perry and E. Lynn Harris make me a fag hag? Even though Tyler isn't out and it's speculated, the gaydar says he is [even f true I don't care]. Overly effeminate gay men are just in a world of their own. I just love the sass, extraness [I know that's not a word] and that over the top voice, that some of them possess. They get away with so much regular bitchy women can't get away with. I love it.
  • The next 4 Saturday's I have booked up. When am I going to get time to do x, y, and z?
  • This week getting up and getting in early just seems to be not happening. Tomorrow perhaps?
  • My boss needs to trim his nose hairs, get those teeth whitened and straightened. **shudders**
  • If you're coming over to my desk don't hover over me when I'm eating my food sniffing. In fact don't even hover over me AT ALL!!
  • 'He' is sooo sweet.
  • Can this man get a bottle of Buttercup. How loud and how often are you going to cough for? He's had this constant cough for about 4 months now...no exaggeration. **Oh Lord here he goes again**
  • Hmmm Push and Friday the 13th maybe for tonight?
  • I have so much to do at home.
  • I need to work on that organisation book, just to get organised. If I can get a majority of my work done here by lunchtime then I will work on that...shh don't tell anybody.
  • Alright, lets get cracking LD, let's get cracking!!
  • Not before I see if they have those shoes in my size!
  • And not before I e-mail a peep or two!
  • Ooooh naughty, naughty.


  1. Firstly... Im a huge fan of Tyler too! I was very curious about the whole "gay" thing... but still nothing confirmed right?

    MOves on..lol

    lol @ Buttercup and Its best i remain silent for most of this day! I think u are brilliant.
    Have you ever considered stand up?
    Im not joking.

    MOves on.

    Slumdog... I thought the film was excellent, but again... I can see why u would say you enjoyed it alot but didnt think it was great.
    For me it touched personal spots... and the cinematography was beautiful.
    I Must say though, Frieda Pinto is pretty stunning, although the hype is kinda crazy! *one eye raised*

    Thanks for the news on Shopaholic, i was planning to watch that tonight... Not sure what else to watch now, ive seen mainly everything and i cannot deal with any horrors or thrillers today.

    Lmao @ porridge. I have eaten on the street when im realy really hungry, but rarely, although im a pretty tidy eater and im sure the paronoia is all over my face while im doing it.

    Why do i chat so much?
    Mail nai... mailll...xx

  2. Mailed ya! Got a Tyler Perry e-mail this morning. MADEA GOES TO JAIL IS #1 in the US box office. HA HA!! Go Tyler it's yo birfday! This actually looks the best out of all the Madea movies. Girl I have em all. Self made bruh doing his thing and making it happen. Not hearing anything about beating anyone, smoking anything illegal, doing a prison stretch *cough* T.I. *cough* Just getting on with it.

    I don't think I'm cut out for standup Hay. I hear it's very hard and to be honest I'm not that kinda funny. I'm more of a Chandler Bing type funny and can't do anything like Chris Rock does with a routine. I'd fall flat on my face. I'd be more like a Bill Hicks [RIP] type, that does the real, social stuff and throws in a bit of humour along the way.

    My sis is going with her girls tonight to see that film. I haven't the heart to tell her it's pants and if they need a fix of on screen fashion after Sex & The City then this isn't the movie for them or me. The fashion sucked. No one has looked better on screen [fashion wise] since Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Now that is a bad bitch! She was wearing the clothes the clothes were NOT wearing her. When you get to that middle aged and beyond status that's how women should be dressing in my opinion. Isla Fisher's outfits were just a hot ass mess. The other girl looked totally hot [the blonde one].

    Frida is pretty, but her acting was dry!

    You chat? I chat!! Everybody chat!!


  3. Hey LD!!!
    I've actually been working this morning and my time working is officially over ..lol! *just don't tell the boss*
    I thought it was Thursday today..sigh..yup, I've done it before, hope it doesn't become routine though!
    Ok look @ me talking about me..lol!!!
    All I saw there is 'He' is sooo sweet..care to share? * silly grin on face*

  4. oops forgot to say I heart Tyler and love E.Lynn Harris' 'Any Way the Wind Blows' and 'A love of my own'

  5. What???? You've been working? SHIT!! I haven't, and I actually feel bad. I'm going to get lunch spend an hour doing more of what I've been doing and then get on from 3pm to 5:30pm. Movie starts at 6:15pm Oh Lord forgive me. I have no drive today. I have no drive!!!

    I finished Any Way The Wind Blows two days ago. I've read them all them all in sequence so far. I'm reading Eric Jerome Dickey's 'Milk in My Coffee' I've started, stopped, started, stopped so many times but will carry on till the end this time. After I'm done I'll order the next E. Lynn Harris novel on Amazon for a penny with £2.75 P&P!!

  6. I've got Eric Jerome Dickey's books (most have been signed by the man himself) from his first published Short Story(Cafe Piel) to Pleasure...I understand that he has another one out but Pleasure wasn't that pleasurable a read for me..so much so mid-way I went and read the last chapter!!
    I also love Zane, have some of her books too


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