25 Feb 2009

Thoughts Of The Day [Revisited]

  • Scratch Push and Friday the 13th. Push has awful reviews and I'm not wasting my time on that today. So I've opted for Gran Torino and Cadillac Records, another movie double bill. Man I wish I'd have known about this Cineworld pass years ago.
  • Can you please tell me how much work I've done today? **SIGH**
  • Hayley where is my e-mail??? Don't make me take off my shoe.
  • Um WTF is Frank Bruno doing shaking the hand of the Yorkshire ripper? Aww Hell No!!

1 comment:

  1. LMAO.. i only just saw this.
    My mouse keeps going dead in the other room, im so annoyed.

    When i switch back, its mail time.

    Although im waiting for some info from u!! ;0)

    Lets get to it..lol



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