26 Feb 2009

What Is Your Addiction?

Hello my name is LondonDiva and I'm a movie addict.

**stands up in front of fellow blog readers and MA [Movies Anonymous] group**

"Hello LondonDiva!" [That's from my fellow MA group]

I love movies. I don't, or should I say rarely watch TV. I buy DVD's and have close to 500, I belong to Tesco DVD rental and have an Cineworld unlimited pass to see as many movies as I like for £11.99 a month.

**Bows head in shame**

I've gone to the cinema and seen 4 movies in 2 days and will go tonight to see another two. After I watch a movie I go home and go on IMDB and read up on the movie and other movie related websites, the actors the background, how much it cost to make, how much it grossed and so much more.

**Sweaty palms**

I just found out one of my favourite horror trilogies [Scream] is coming back with a further three movies. And…and…and…I got excited. I also had palpitations awaiting the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie and the next Iron-Man instalment and the Avengers movies.

I long for every Halloween weekend for the release of another Saw instalment and secretly deep down hope they'll keep making them till Saw 50 and even if they are bad or get worse I'll still see them.

**Gets out tissue**

Oh it doesn't stop there, I love TV shows too and purposely won't watch them on TV just so I can buy the DVD box set.


All of my DVDs are in alphabetical order. No one is allowed to borrow them except my parents, and I list every single one of them in an Excel spreadsheet.

**Laughter and the shaking of heads from the group**

It's for insurance purposes. I have so many, God forbid they got stolen or went missing I'd know what to replace. **Cries**

**Approving nods from the group and whispers of "makes sense"**

I refuse to watch bootleg movies. OK. I did once online and it just wasn't the same. I felt like I was cheating on Harvey Weinstein. I don't care about bootleg MP3's it's the movies I love!

**Uncontrollable sobbing**

If I had to choose between a DVD shopping spree and one on clothes I would buy the DVD's.

**Heavy Sigh**

My name is LondonDiva and I'm a movie addict.

**Sits down**

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