26 Feb 2009

Time's Up

I've been patient. I've vented. I asked time and time again. I've received nothing in terms of effort. I am tired of asking.

I'm trying to put together a birthday book, think of it like a high school style year book, documenting 2009 for the 30th Birthday as a keepsake. I suggested the idea of doing a scrap type book and getting two copies published with pictures of what was happening, what we did etc in 2009 as well as on our birthdays.

Well after birthday dinner #1 which was on January 31st I was up until 5:38am [yes 5:38am] that very night until February 1st getting this book started. I e-mailed it over for my friend to get started on that very morning via e-mail. Sent a text to let them know I've e-mailed it over. I've made a few calls since then only specifically to say get it back to me so I can edit it and add pictures and then some. I've been told "yes" and "OK" merely to be pacified it seems. I'm not buying the "I'm busy" excuse, or "I've forgotten" or "I've had a lot on". I'm so busy [outside of the office] I'm having to actually do a month long project to organise all my shit over the course of the year for long term and short term goals. No one knows busy like me. Trust! [although there are some I'm sure]. So if I can do mine, they can do theirs.

I am NOT asking anymore. My stress levels don't need to be exhausted and I shouldn't have to ask more than once. I think a month is adequate time to open a word document, add the necessary text and send it back to me. Realistically it should take an hour at most. I've stressed the importance of having each month done on the book before the next month starts, so I'm not stressing in December trying to do a massive project. And now January and February entries are done on my part I've had nothing back from them. Sorry, my black ass isn't doing it. I asked more than once, and that is that.

No more of this bending for folks who seem to not be able to hear me when I speak. It's blatant disregard and lack of respect. I give people time. I give people notice. I'm not the type of person to do that to other people. Shoot, if I go three hours without returning an e-mail I'm racked with guilt. A bad habit I know, but I like to get back to people and treat people how I want to be treated and not keep them waiting or at least being apologetic if I do.

So what am I going to phone for again today? "Can you please add your parts and send it back to me please?" Only to be told "OK" and receive nada? My time is precious and it's being wasted. Part of this little project is being wasted in me waiting to add her parts to what I'm continuously adding onto.

I was waiting literally two days before the Birthday lunch #2 to find out where we were going and at what time when we'd discussed this from December 2008. My March and May restaurant choices have already been booked. This person organises for a living and can't even be organised with a friend. I'm sure deadlines would be met when it comes to her career, and the same dedication should follow through in their personal lives. The fact that this is a continuing issue used to pose a problem with me, but no more. I need joy and peace in my life on every level and those that can't come through, simply get left. *Holds hand up* I see this as the equivalent of being ignored, which is actually what it is. So based on this book AND the What Would You Do If…? Blog from yesterday.

I'M O.U.T.

It's been eradicated, therefore no stress, no more venting. See why I don't need a therapist? I get all my shit out, and what's not benefiting me or my needs, needs to be given the elbow. Not talking about the person, but this lack of effort.

I'll do me.

We're nearly 30 years old. There is no excuse. Fix up! Cha! I'll get vex with myself if I don't follow through. I'm tired of being disappointed by other people. So my book WILL get done and I've OFFICIALLY bowed out of the event. Thing is, they don't know [unless they read the blog]. Not being mean by not saying anything, but I think it's best not to mention it as it will cause an issue. I have no time for issues or potential unnecessary drama. I've advised that "not every fight needs to be fought." So for once I'm taking my own advice and keeping my cool. And most importantly please myself.

All this waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting on people. No more! Respect me. Respect my time.

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