9 Feb 2009

What? What? & What?

If you are offended by bad language then do not read any further. I'm getting a little something off my chest.

OK I think Facebook is a card carrying membership for SOME folks who are not allowed to function normally in society.

So let me get to the point very quickly.

Friend of mine lists his disapproval of Chris Brown allegedly hitting Rihanna. And quite rightly so.
His dumbass friend comes on there telling folks it's apparently from her giving him herpes.


The victim isn't even known [due to confidentiality] we the public all of a sudden are aware of the EXACT details of what STI was passed from who to whom during an argument in a car? Was the altercation even due to a virus being passed on? Give me a fucking break! That's the fastest case of Chinese whispers I've ever heard.

**Back to point**

So Ms Dumbass writes "I prolly would have done the same thing to her."


First off heffer of the highest order it's probably not prolly.
Secondly, don't act like you were joking when I called your ass out.
Thirdly, as a woman...I think...[which looks post-op] you really think the advocating of violence to a woman is right?

In this instance you'd need a good beat down for that comment alone. Yes bloggers double standards by moi I know, but seriously learn the fucking facts about herpes and how you get it and where it's located on the body. Does the fool realise that herpes can come in the form of a cold sore on the mouth? Talking about she'd cut a mutha if she ever got that. Well ho-bag make sure you test your partners to avoid that situation. If you don't then it's obvious you don't care about your sexual health much. Cause you can get it from a kiss. It won't kill you. I wouldn't want it [because you have it for LIFE and who wants herpes?] never had it but damn, know your shit PLEASE!!

I can't stand idiots. There is no way in hell, jest or otherwise that dumbass fool could stand in my presence spouting off that shit, about "I'd probably do the same". Uh-huh. She'd be screaming "tell me how I'm supposed to breath with no air?" when I'm flushing her head down a toilet. Even if true, Rihanna doesn't deserve a beat down for it.

Hence all the cursing, reading that pissed me off. Joke or otherwise. You expect that kind of talk from certain types of men, not women [or in this case imbeciles] advocating domestic violence.

You know when you get the impression some folks are just low-rent, black chavs? Well she's one of them in my opinion.

I don't want to read, see or hear people joking about people who have died, paedophiles, rape/murder victims, domestic violence..Can't stand it and hate it with a passion.

And yes y'all don't need to tell me I'm highly strung and have a temper I know. As nice as I am these fools bring out the worst in me. Y'all wouldn't even want to know what my ideal profession would be…LOL. But I give you 3 guesses.

And I'm fine now I already Wooooo Sahhhhh'd.


  1. i'm feeling you on this. And for me...its not just about the advocating of violence. Its the need that people have to put their input on other's relationships. this is why facebook is fun..but it can get over the top and wayy out of hand. love ur blog!

  2. Well to me its just pop culture. Most ppl who leave comments are doing in jest. I believe these nonsensical stories are getting too much attention its even affecting the presidency when stupid reporters are asking Obama about Jessica simpsons weight gain or asking him what he feels about A-Rod's steroid use. We need to start ignoring this insignificant news and just step away from it. To me Chris Brown and Rihanna are both kids with too much media attention and due to this they are going to make stupid mistakes just like Michael Phelps the sad thing is that he got physical which is a no no especially in public and now he is going to have to pay for it like losing endorsements and some gigs and probably being on Probation but hopefully he can learn from this and turn it around.


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