9 Feb 2009

25 things...or Whatever?

Has anyone NOT receieved that 25 things people didn't know about you thingy over the past few weeks?

Talk about doing the global rounds.
I can't think of 25 things, and to be honest trivial or otherwise I don't think I'd want people knowing about me. I'm hardly a mystery, but still that kind of thinking requires some Ginko Biloba on my part and 8 hours of sleep to prepare to write the answers. Kudos to those that made it. It made interesting reading for me. I haven't got the energy, I really haven't. Right now I'm tired from eating pasta, what's that telling you?


  1. I will say it like one of my favorite characters from the Boondocks will say "Booooooooooo"

    Man up kid, you can blog like 5 topics in one day so just not think about it or spell check it and just let it flow. you are too young to have a writers block (Insert Compliment here).

  2. Its hayley babe, couldnt resist. I did the 25 things, thing. I had the same feelings as you, but i actually enjoyed it...;0)
    I ended up reading it to my whole family afterwards too...
    HOw narcisstic..;0)

    So happy i found ya blog.x

  3. **WAVES** hey Hay!!!

    Girl I started the 25 things and then deleted it. I couldn't even think of 10 things let alone 25.

  4. lollll...

    i bet u could do it!! id love to read em, but then im just plain nosey, and u knw this already.x

  5. After 10 years you probably know 152 things about me you nosey heffer!!! LOL.


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