25 Feb 2009

What Would You Do If...?

A friend asked you to do something with them and you really didn't want to do it [you've been honest and mentioned this to them] BUT you decided you'd be a support anyway, shake it off and just do it. You mentioned that THEY will have to organise it as it's their thing that they want to do. Two to three months have passed and no word on the 'thing' you said you'd support your friend on. You're frustrated for a few reasons.

A) They made a big deal about this being important to them, to the point of you feeling a little bad for turning down in the first place.

B) You've been the one constantly reminding the friend to go ahead and organise this. [The organisation should take nothing more than a few minutes - literally] You could do it yourself but realise it's not your job to organise every damn body, especially when the 'thing' is their idea.

C) You HATE plans being made but not finalised and confirmed, which leaves you with tentative plans in your upcoming weekends, where you know you could be doing or planning other things.

D) You get the feeling this is all bloody talk. Anyone serious about anything would be trying to make it happen right. So far it's been all talk and no action.

So blog readers it's a case of, you asked me to do something, I said no then yes I'd be a support, now out of principal of feeling the person isn't serious I should just pull out. I'm here willing and ready to do something to support someone and that person hasn't even made the first step after 3 or so months.

What would you do?
Keep with the plan and wait on them?
Or scrap it and say it's too late?


  1. Hard one.

    Dpends on how much the friend means to me, although it appears because you said yes after you had already no, that they are.

    To be honest, it would be easier to know what it was. But i reckon i would still do it, only because i said i would and i knew they needed my support.
    Although knowing nothing has been arranged, would make me question how important this really was in the first place.

    I bet i didnt help at all.lol

    What you going to do? x

  2. You need to tell the person straight up that they are wasting time and their eventual decision to start the project might not be convenient for you at the time they decide they are now ready. If that person still wastes your time by umming and ahhhing then tell them firmly but politely you are no longer an option because they refuse to make their project a priority.

  3. Tell 'em straight up to stop time wasting..LOL!!
    Ok seriously, just talk it out with them, but since you said you'd do, don't back track on it, give them a subtle but firm push!!

  4. I love the boldness ladies.

    I have mentioned this on a few occasions and been told "OK I'll do it." Just two Friday's ago I received a call specifically to be told "they're going to get to organising." Still nothing. You know when you talk and talk and talk and talk and you're not being heard? Well I think my silent departure may just be the loud wake up call they need to realise my time is precious and please stop with the time wasting. I'm tired of getting real vex with people and copping an attitude. I'm very cool and calm, and I think that's my way of saying "OK time is up. I'm not here for anyone's convenience but my own." If I go ahead and wait all that shows the other person is it doesn't matter how long it takes them to do something and that I'm going to wait until it's convenient for you to make up your mind and pull your finger out. Also known as [aka] a MUG!! Sorry no can do. I'm a very proactive person so there is no excuse in my book. Especially when it's now been months to do a mundane task.

    I won't mention anything [again] and if it is mentioned to me or brought up, I'm going to let them know I'm not doing it and if asked why, I'll state my reasons.

    Thanks Ladies.


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