12 Mar 2009

Are You A Twittering Fool Too??

I thought Facebook and MySpace was enough…Boy was I wrong. I heard of the concept of Twitter but thought this is dumb as hell. And swore never to join it. It's like ONLY having a Facebook status message. That's all it is. So Fashogi invited me to Twitter and I joined. Then I thought Hmmmmmmm what do I do now?

I thought if anything is going to be a social networking site it needs to be accessible to my Blackberry as an application or I'm not using it.

Then I stumbled upon Tiny Twitter which doesn't involve me getting online via my Blackberry. It's a stand alone application on my Blackberry. There is Twitter Berry but had no luck downloading that on my phone.

Many people use it for many different uses. If you look to the right of the screen you'll see my random Twittering. You can follow people and people can follow you. I don't mind random folks following me on Twitter, I solely keep Facebook and MySpace for people I know. Twitter is cool and fun. You can be as random or as deep as you like. And it's cool to see who's doing/saying what and to pass the time. Think of it like blogging with 140 character limit!

Some of the 'celebs' I follow on Twitter

Diddy [iamdiddy]
Diddy's son Quincy [ThisismyiQ]
Jay Electronica [Erykah Badu's new baby daddy] [JayElectronica]
Teyanna Taylor
Cassie [cassieventura]
Solange Knowles [solangeknowles]
Mariah Carey [my fave solo artist in the world who direct messaged me on Twitter] [MariahHBF]
Nick Cannon [NickCannon4Real]
Snoop [snoopdogg]
MC Hammer [MCHammer]
Russell Brand [rustyrockets]
Meagan Good [RealMeaganGood]
Perez Hilton [perezhilton]
Deepak Chopra [Deepak_Chopra]
Steve Allen [SteveAllenShow]
*Names in brackets are Twitter usernames to search by. I'll add the others later.

So what going on with some of them on Twitterville?
Diddy, Jay Electronica and Cassie were doing a spiritual fast. Cassie did hers for 24 hours, Diddy and Jay for 48 hours.
Mariah is in the studio [in her basement] putting together tracks for an [hopefully] October release. She plays a guess that song [of hers] game with the fans [lambs] by Twittering a line or two from her lyrics.
Nick [her hubby] hogs the remote and watches Karate movies, it's 'not her bag' as she says. Mariah has watched Slumdog, Madea Goes To Jail and Scarface over the past week from her Twittering she tells us.
Solange is on tour with Estelle and last we heard was on the tour bus going to another city with her son Juelz, just yesterday the bus ran over a family of deer.
Teyanna and Cassie are gonna meet up in LA when Teyanna, whose going there for a few months arrives from NY.
Meagan wishes she had a dude to lay up in the bed next to her.
Cassie and Diddy's new single debuted on LA's 106 FM this morning/last night depending on time zone…
Russell Brand was on Jimmy Fallon last night and doing a Barnes & Noble book signing in the US. He asked us to add bryanbrinkman as part of a TV experiment. I added him, now he has 20,000 followers.
Brinkman is now admiring the view from his window, he says it’s a great feeling to wake up with 20,000 followers.

So follow me and if you're a reader of my blog and a fellow Twitterer say hi and I'll promise to follow you too.


Be warned it CAN BE highly addictive!


  1. im such an addict........ Lord help me!twitter rocks..... i follow diddy as well.... i like his updates

  2. Yeah Diddy live on Twitter it seems. He talks a lot of random crap at times. I'm yet to check out his twitty TV. LOL

    Thanks for following, although hun....you added me a few days ago already LOL.

  3. lol.... just realised. yea hes Live cuz he was on Ellen and he was updating as he was talking...lol... and garee. he sometimes talks crap


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