12 Mar 2009

Sell Your Mobile For Cash!

It's that time again on April 4th…every 11 months I take advantage of a FREE upgrade from T-Mobile.

My Blackberry 8800 is leaving me and I'll hop to my next and fourth model the Blackberry Bold 9000. I don't wanna hear NOTHING about a Google Phone. It's Blackberry for me…OKAY!!! I've had one from before they had colour screens, I'm devoted, loyal and faithful.

So, go here to see what your phone is worth. **LondonDiva goes to check**
Ooooh nice £31.37, considering when I sold my 8700 model I got £18.00 for it. I still thought that was good.

I'm always on the hustle tip, looking to make a lil extra cash…by any means necessary.

So here's a link for you folks….Environfone…and don't worry they even send you out the free postage labels it doesn't cost you a thing but time!!!! I've used this company before. It's so easy. I recommended this to a Facebook buddy and she was very happy with it, even took the time out to send me a sweet message of thanks once her transaction had gone through.

Save the planet and MAKE SOME MONEY!!!

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