6 Mar 2009

Chris Brown Allowed To Have Contact With Rihanna

How do you feel? If you felt sorry for her to begin with has that sympathy now wained?


  1. I still feel sorry for her...before as a victim of domestic violence...now as a victim of pure stupidity if she really is in contact with him.
    1. rehab is great for u and ur problems but don't call me to test ur recovery...I might mess around & be caught in your relapse
    2. Said it once before love me from a distance please...be it behind bars or through a piece of paper that says you can't come within a neighbourhood of me, my friends, family, workplace

  2. Like i said to you before Nai, im all about forgiveness, but this just dont look right one little bit.

    I think we should pray for Rihanna.

    Chris just doesnt seem to be remorseful enough in my eyes.


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