6 Mar 2009

**SCREAMS LIKE A DERANGED FAN** Mariah Carey messaged me on Twitter!!!

It maybe 1 line but for 30 small seconds me and my musical idol had direct communication, out of her 6,979 fans on there.
**Roll your eyes I don't care** Shoot I'm even laughing at myself on this. But y'all this got me excited!!
The other person being Allen Dodgen from my fave radio breakfast show on Tuesday's on LBC is another one who's communicated back to me, but he's not on the level of MC-C.

Mariah is on Twitter as is her hubby Nick Cannon.

So she says to her Twitterettes she's finishing up in the studio [@ home in NY] is watching the sunrise and will be getting ready to go to bed. Any true Lamb [Mimi fan] knows that MC is nocturnal.

So I message her asking her when the album is gonna drop, that E=MC2 is on heavy rotation today and I need a Mimi fix.
Mariah then messages me directly **Faints & sweaty palms**

OK for a woman [almost 30] who remembers hearing Mariah for the first time at the age of 10 years old listening to Vision of Love, got all the albums, singles and seen her live twice. This is a BIG deal for me.

And for those that wanna know, unlike her Facebook and Myspace which is run by the record company Mimi Twitters like us regular folks from her Blackberry at all times of the day and night. Telling us all kinds of stuff like she in the studio, chillin in bed watching Slumdog, Missing Nick etc etc etc.

LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT TO BASK IN THIS!!! For nearly 20 years I've loved this woman. That direct mail when she could have Twittered everybody meant a lot even if she was only telling me when the album was dropping.

**Sings** I'm That Chick!!! "La da da, Oh we eeeeeeee"

------Original Message------
From: Mariah Carey via Twitter
Sender: Twitter
To: Naomi Miller
Sent: Mar 6, 2009 12:07
Subject: Direct message from Mariah Carey

hopefully like oct..but I'm working hard to get it done as good as possible and on time! : )

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  1. It's funny you say that Hay. The HBF in her username stands for her fan club Honey B Fly as in [Butterfly & Honey, the 2 tracks from the 97 Butterfly album].

  2. That is just TOO cute. Real personal and meaningful too. Not just any rubbish, she was making conversation with you. MARIAH CAREY! That's big yo!!!


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