6 Mar 2009

Hi Ho. Hi Ho. It's Off To Falko's Gold! Make Some Money. Sell Your Gold!

My 50g stash to the left [minus the 2 rings and bangle]

If it's one thing I'm good at, it's all different ways big & small to make some extra cash. For some times are hard in 2009. I'm doing well, but won't snigger at more abundance coming my way.

If you love jewellery like me and have a ton of it you may have the odd broken necklace, anklet, one earring left after losing one on a night out or on a plane [in my case] just piling up. Well my scrap gold has piled up over the years. I'm clearing out the whole house at the moment, room by room to make way for a lodger for some more wonga, and came across my gold stash. I've been meaning for years to sell it as scrap. I have 18 earrings with no pair and a bent sovereign from my teens in my stash. So I gather up all the bits [pictured above] and get out my digital scales.

Hmm 50g of 9ct gold. Market value of £361.70

Then I remember I tossed 2 gold rings yesterday. Yes tossed them in the trash, dug those bad boys out.
Another 8g of 9ct gold for the pair. Market value of £57.87

JUST NOW I just went into the room and saw my gold out of shape bangle I never wear.
10g, a market value of £72.34

A £491.91 TOTAL value.

Well I've packaged it safely, printed out my postage online with special delivery and insuring it with a £500 value [The total postage was £5.05] and will go to the post office tomorrow to get a certificate of posting. [THIS IS A MUST]

Hopefully they'll call me on Saturday [or Monday] to let me know they've received it and to tell me what the market value is.

Gold is around £7.20 per gram at the moment. So see if you have any old, broken gold lying around, could bring in some extra cash for you.

I went with the leading UK Gold scrap merchants Falko's Gold and yes I've done my research and read reviews.

Whether it's £40.0o or £400 I don't care, it's money I didn't have before and need to appreciate every penny. 10% will go to charity the rest in my ISA, it's best to put unexpected cash away like you never had it.

I will update you all in a few days, as I'll be the guinea pig. And don't worry if you haven't got any scales either for a deposit they'll send some out for you.


  1. This would be work for me only from the gifts received from parents..I'm pretty sure thats the real gold...from the ex's ....hmmm thats a whole different story...the postage to send them evaluated might cost more than the package itself..lol

    But seriously...wise move LDN Diva...wise move.

  2. Glad to have been of help. Oh ladies I can be a lil hustler when I want to be, make a lil change here a lil change there, rob a granny or two....;) j/k of course.

  3. Sent my jewellery off to falkosgold yesterday. Got a call today and money is already in my account! WOW!!! Thanks!!!


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