20 Mar 2009

Is There Anyone That DOESN'T Like....

...Erykah Badu and can't get down with her and this revolutionary Neo-Soul Vibe of hers?

**raises hand**


  1. i've raised both hands and waving them frantically!!!!

  2. looks like she finally gaining some weight. Now all she gotta to do is lay off da herbs and quit picking losers for baby fathers except for Andre3000 (who aint really that wrapped to tight either lol).

  3. I like the old Erykah better, but I can still get down with this new vibe she has going on.

  4. I like Ms. B's style, and sometimes she is downright comical. I even like this more laid funky style she has these days. Kinda calmed down from when her and Common were wearing those his & her crack head outfits.


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