20 Mar 2009

I Wasn't Going To Comment......LeAnn Rimes

If this is true, which I probably believe it to be. I mean c'mon Eddie Cibrian, I used to Watch Third Watch and Sunset Beach religiously and it was hardly for the storylines OK….you know he tapped that Chinese looking country white girl's ass.

LeAnn looks like a hussy.

"Well what does a hussy look like?"

LD, That's me says…"Ummmm LeAnn Rimes."

She even looks like she gives her husband a beating or two and makes him go without any meals if he is naughty.

Eddie Cibrian whether he was a cheat by nature or not, probably is a cheat now, and TRUST, LeAnn is not his first sex fling outside of his marriage. Why?

He's finer than his wife, a quasi celebrity and probably has women throwing themselves at him. Hard to resist? I think he's probably given into the power of the pussy more than once.

So LeAnn is going through a devastating time?
I bet it wasn't devastating time for her when her legs were spread wide open.

"Everything's great. There's rumors all the time," she said. "Things pass, life happens. You know, everything people read is not ... as easy as black and white. That's what it is. I let it roll off my back most of the time."

Roll off your back LeAnn? Are you revisiting a tryst with Eddie and one of the many positions you were both in? I bet you let him roll you on your back alright. Oh the lies, the lies, the lies. Is it me or is there something morbidly entertaining [not about people's lives being publicly ruined] but by Cibrian and Rimes squirming and telling bold faced lies when

A) you know Cibrian hit it. And…
B) you know Rimes let him hit it.

3 possible outcomes.

Cibrian spouse will stand by her man and in the marriage.
Rimes spouse will stand by his woman, as she is the cash cow.
Rimes spouse will leave LeAnn for publicly humiliating him and make a bunch of money selling his story.

Notice I put down 1 possible outcome for the Cibrian spouse. Most times the women aren't going anywhere. Especially where there are kids involved, her hubby is hot, no one knows who the hell she is and she has no VEX money saved.

And don't lie people, you know some of you are looking at her husband then looking at Eddie, then back at her husband and thinking, "I can see why she strayed."
And no it's not right, and it sure as hell ain't OK. But even I can see why.

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  1. I suddenly have memories of Coyote Ugly whenever i see her or her name...i do understand why she strayed i mean heeey he was the reason i used to stay up late!!


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