5 Mar 2009

Let's Have Some Church Up In Here!

Why does what I choose to believe in bother YOU so much?

I'm not bothered about atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or even devil worshippers for that matter. Funny that people who have a problem with a religion as a whole are never bothered with the Buddhists and the Hari Krishna's of this world, but choose to be offended by God.

A war happens. Blame God.

People are murdered in their homes. Blame God.

Everything bad that happens. Blame God.

Ever heard of the damn devil? Somehow he manages to get a free pass in all of this and the one who has your best interests at heart gets dogged on. Some people are so dumb, blaming wars created in the name of religion. Umm I could say I'm going to kill you in the name of Jesus. Jesus isn't giving you a pass just because you said it's in his name. A sin is not discredited because you did it in the name of Jesus. Those that cause conflict in the name of religion are idiots. Those that don't understand that ARE idiots.

I don't care personally. People can choose what they want to believe in. HOWEVER what I do care about is people 'in my face' and whether that be in real life or over the world wide web trying to sway my thought process toward my belief. Not gonna happen. You may as well give up because you're wasting your time. The same way you can hear God, you can hear the devil too. And they both talk through people. Anyone trying to steer me in another direction is being used by the damn devil himself to sway me.

Let's look at Jade [Goody]. 27 years old with two young sons with about 1 month to live. People want to whine "this is so unfair, if there was a God then why isn't he doing something?" He's done a whole lot if people would shut up for a damn minute and think about it. Jade is dying, but look how many lives SHE'S SAVED from losing her own. Not saying she's a modern day Jesus but *cough* he did the same thing didn't he? Although Jade isn't dying to save us from all of our sins, all of these women are now getting screened for cervical cancer when all they did before was ignore the letters that came through the door. The screenings registered are through the roof! There has been a push to lower the age for screening [to hopefully save more lives]. Look at that. A possible government intervention all because of a loud mouth South-East London Reality TV star. Donations have gone up to Cancer charities since the news broke. And Jade herself is getting christened along with her sons. Luckily for her in God's eyes it doesn't matter when or how you come to him, as long as you come, even if it is at the last minute. Good for her if that's what she wants to do, I just hope it's in her heart and she's able to find some peace in her last days.

Look at that in the scheme of things. Whoever thought that from one of the original Reality TV shows [Big Brother] that started 10 years ago it would actually serve a REAL purpose. If there has to be a purpose other than to reignite or create a celebrity career, then let's hope that this decade long format of entertainment was drummed up in some weird way by God to change the lives of many through one person. Jade. If this is her life purpose, then so be it. I believe everyone is here for a purpose and although her end is tragic, she must feel great knowing her situation is highlighting a major issue not just in the UK but around the globe now. The rumours are that Oprah and Larry King are bidding for her last interview [money that would go to her children]. I don't know how true this is though.

If there was NO Big Brother, there'd be NO Jade. No Jade thrown into the spotlight [who didn't even win the show], NO REAL awareness of how serious this cancer actually is. She would have still probably gotten cancer had she still of been a dental nurse, but I wouldn't be blogging about her last days, and women wouldn't be clambering to the hospital to make sure they keep up with their cervical screenings. This is being talked about everywhere, newspapers, magazines, the radio, Parliament, on the Internet. The reason why it hits home more with Jade is because she's a regular girl from South London, who we've watched rise, fall, then rise again during her last days. This hits home with a lot of people. She's no Hollywood starlet and at 27 it shows us that no amount of celebrity or money is going to make you exempt, especially at your prime, millions in the bank, two children later and countless column inches. If it can happen to Jade it can happen to you and me [a regular South-East London girl] too.

I get it now. After us losing Roman at 9 weeks old, I was mad and faithless for the longest. He wasn't taken from us to punish us at all, in fact him being here and going has done a lot more for me than anything in my life. I won't go into it all, as I've gone on enough, but there are some things that I'll never understand as to 'why' they happened. You can't understand greatness like God's. All I know is the bad stuff that I've been through I now know why I was in that situation, and why I am the person that I am today. It's not necessarily a case of 'what I'm going through' that is the problem or the issue, but more so 'how I choose to handle what comes my way, and who I decide to lean on and ask for help.' Do I walk in faith and give it over to God and use him as my crutch or get all despondent, pissed off and why me me me, and not being able to see the TRUE meaning of why my black ass is going through some crap?

So mock me, roll your eyes, have an opinion because I choose to believe in God, I don't care. I remember that we were warned about people trying to stand in our way on our walk with God, and we'll be mocked, heckled, persecuted, even killed for our beliefs on a walk with the Lord. But like I do on the London Underground every morning, if someone is in my way, I walk AROUND them and keep on moving till I get to my destination. One things for sure though, the more I pray, listen to Joyce Meyer, remain positive, be thankful in his name, talk about God to my girls it pisses the devil off. It even pisses some people off too. Not my fault I'm at peace, blessed and highly favoured. I CHOOSE to be. Some can be at peace and blessed without God in their life. I have been before, but it feels better and different on a spiritual path. Some people know about God but can't be bothered as it involves too much sacrifice, too many rules to adhere to [I've been like that], but will have the energy to slate him and religion…whatever makes you happy folks. There are people prospering whilst your hating…get over it! So I prefer to 'keep it real' and remember that before I play the blame game that there are two sides, not just one. God and Devil at work vying for my attention and my soul. I know what team I'm on. The devil can tackle me on the playing field all he wants to trip me up. You just gotta get up, dust yourself off and keep on keeping on till the game is over and won.


  1. I really liked this Nai!

    U are so right, dont stop sharing Jesus with us, and dont stop loving Him in the way that suits you!!

    I love how you commented on Jade's situation, and highlighted the positive, as tragic as it is, i think people are failing to recognise how many lives will be saved from this loss. Well put...

    Praise God.x

  2. This post is so full of truth.

    I've always found it funny how athiests for example spend so much time decrying a being that they don't even believe exists. Indeed they are as dogged (or more so) about sharing their nonbelief in the existance of God (or any higher power) as say an evangelical is in sharing the gospel. Yet, you tell them you believe in Jesus and all of a sudden you are shoving your religion down their throats. That's funny to me, in that sad pitiful kind of way.

  3. Hi, I've come across your blog for the first time today. A truly heartfelt post.

    One thing I will say is that you mention people having a problem with your belief in God, I wonder if its actually just a problem with modern day Christianity? All the other religions believe in God too, it's just that they're not as 'in your face' about it maybe...

    And as for people questioning why bad things happen to good people? As you said yourself, everyone goes through it, each of us just has to find a personal way to find peace.

  4. Just came across this post and I was actually about to ask the same question as LoloBloggs. Are you sure people aren't reacting to their perception of modern christianity rather than your belief in God?

    I believe in God, love God and attempt to live a life that is pleasing to him (her/ it whatever). Even though I don't subscribe to any particular religion I have loads of questions about beliefs associated with particular religions and dogma which could be perceived as anti-religious attacks.

    The "why do bad things happen to good people" argument as evidence for God not existing is tired though. Anyone who uses it probably hasn't put too much thought into it. And if anyone tried to argue that point with me, they'd lose with a quickness.

    Incidently I don't believe in the Devil either. But thats another post.

  5. @Lola and Eva, trust me on this, I've come across both. I'd say it's more about a belief in God than perceptions of Christianity from my personal experiences and talking to people. I don't even belong to a particular church or even a denomination. I don't even give my belief a title or a label as Christian or Catholic, or Baptist or Pentecostal. I think all these denominations hinder people anyway to a degree, spending so long trying to find a perfect denomination then a perfect church. And I personally don't think it matters. These demoninations and sectors of the church weren't around in Jesus's time anyway. For a religion so united Christianty can sometimes seem so divided with all of these different groups. So when I talk to people I'm speaking to them [if they ask] as a believer in God and not as a labelled Christian, and based on them hearing that then they spout their waffle.

    If someone asks me am I a Christian, I never say yes. If they ask me what religion I belong to I say none, I just tell whoever I have a close personal relationship with God that we work on and I don't subscribe to a particular label. If I went to a place of worship yes it would be a church but ask me what kind and I wouldn't even know which one to walk into.

    Hope I haven't gone off topic and on a tangent. It's late. Religion, faith etc is tricky and can be a long winded one. It's been discussed and dissected for centuries, and for once with a lil sleep deprivation struggling to make sense right now.

  6. "If someone asks me am I a Christian, I never say yes. If they ask me what religion I belong to I say none, I just tell whoever I have a close personal relationship with God that we work on and I don't subscribe to a particular label. If I went to a place of worship yes it would be a church but ask me what kind and I wouldn't even know which one to walk into."

    Sorry to copy and paste such a huge chunk - but I love that description of faith. Not a rambling tangent in the slightest.

  7. You are officially my favourite jamaican.
    This post has changed me in so many ways..
    You've spoken so much truth, I believe that God is using YOU to bless others. Keep it up girl and never let satan get you down..now I'm off to piss off the Devil some more!

    From another 'regular south-east london girl'!
    Nykol x

  8. !! I'm so happy that I have found your blog!! I have a lot of reading to do!



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