10 Mar 2009

LondonDiva Back In Honest [and Bad Mind *say that in a Jamaican accent*] Mode!

First thing's first, I have never met anyone more honest than myself. My blog is not about positivity or negativity, it's about anything I want to post. You have 2 choices, accept it or step. I'm not a conformer for anyone. Fashogi is man enough to have me disagree with him 99% of the time blog wise and not take it personally. This broad can't take the heat, so don't even bother enter her kitchen.

Secondly DON'T HAVE A BLOG IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE POSSIBILITY OF HAVING PEOPLE LEAVING COMMENTS. Especially one where you wanna chat your PRIVATE BUSINESS especially about men and post pictures of ugly ass shoes thinking they are something fresh. Those MF'ers should have been free don't EVEN brag about anything being 50% off and looking like that! You need to be slapped with an copy of In Style, Elle and Vogue.

**Let me tell you right now. If you don't like what is being said so far…leave because there is more**

I don't care if you are NOT asking for advice, chances are YOU MIGHT NEED SOME. In both fashion and life.

I will not mention names to protect the IDIOTS or eeeeediots as we Nubian Londoners say, but will say this [and I don't give a *this is not the time to be giving up cursing* what any of you say or think…I just don't].

Based upon this blog post I actually changed my FB status to:
"Naomi thinks some women deserve to be single. Passing up good men over foolishness! Shame on you!"

With a quickness these were the responses [names have been deleted]

expand,expand ... define foolishness

Yeah , Details lol.

xx I emailed you. It wasn't me. I was reading an online blog and just tired of black women especially harping on about not being able to get a man but turning them down for BS. This guy, a mechanic fixed her car. He asked her out but turned him down because he charged her. Its his damn profession and business. They reel off all this crap n criteria and cry about not even getting a damn date. Not saying we have to pick up every Gremlin, but if that was the only reason for saying no, then that's effin shallow in my book and Mr Mechanic got off very easily. Some people too fuckin miserable and should be alone by default. Imagine the cheek of it IN A RECESSION a mechanic charging for 3 hours labour! Chupid woman!!

I agree with you.

Girl, seriously, you need your own chat show. You would fix dem business!!

Some women just dont get it. In this depression you need a man who can earn a living with his hands cos all these white collar jobs are non existent and the very few are left for the good ole boys

Sistah Zee, dem nah ready fi Miss Omi. I swear I'd tell them about themselves.

The mechanic got off easy - she would have been the first person to dust if he didn't keep bringing home the money!!

Preach it xx!!!

Everyone wants instant gratification. What makes them think the type of men they dream of want them. No more boy meets girl old school shit. Just a man with his shit wants him to be funny to cook to be smart to be body beautiful etc..damn what about just being a man loll I have no pity for Black women and their outrageous demands, tough being a blackman already...

"What makes them think the type of men they dream of want them." OMG very true. Never even looked on it like that. So true!!

Had anyone also read somewhere that 70% of black women are single?

That stat doesn't surprise me.

SO….if you blog about a dude [WHO IS A MECHANIC], and fixing your car [WHICH IS HIS JOB], then you pay [AS CUSTOMERS DO], and he likes you enough [dunno why] to ask you can he call you to ask you out on a date, and you tell him "“you’re asking me out AFTER I just paid you to fix my car??” Yeah..how bout NAWT." Expect someone to say something you may not like in the politest sense.

If only you could get past your bitterness to see that it just ALL might be OK one day I hope. And I don't give a rats ass honey, you need advice from the fugly shoes on your feet come Sunday, to the tawdry yellow highlights on your head. See I tried to do the right thing and refrain and used that little quiet voice in my head, but no longer, no more. I'm like Chandler from friends. If I can't get out something smart mouthed I may explode!

Don't get me wrong bloggers, I can be nice, kind, sweet the whole nine, but yes I have my bad side too [honest] and I KNOW when I'm doing it [honest again], but in this instance, no apologies will be made for my blog post. I have no stresses in my life. Why? I get it ALL out and my mentality is probably 95% positive. I see the good before the bad and can always see the bright side of a negative situation. Maybe this is why I can't tek [yes I went Jamaican] miserable people [which she pretty much is]. I also love myself to the MAX and pretty much not bothered by what folks have to say to me or about me because I know the content of my character. And that is first and foremost.

So here's what ensued. And if you wanna snap passers by in their lime green macs on the street [no face] AND HAVE THE NERVE TO BE APPALLED AFTER YOUR PUTRID SHOE PURCHASE and post it, I can post this shit [no name/URLS]. So don't even say anything worth a damn. And don't pray for me or tell me to stay blessed. I can do that all by myself. I'm aware of my wrong doings [like now] I'll ask for forgiveness when I feel like it. So if you so happen to take my pic and put it on a porn site I only ask you this make sure the broad has big hooters. **wink**

OK Miss Honesty here! I know how to be nothing but….I do not see a problem with Mr Mechanic at all. I had to ask another female co-worker and she said she’d go on the date as would I. Times are tough and brotha man has to earn a living. I don’t see what fixing your car and asking you out on a date has to do with one another. Now if you were dating and he charged you then yeah I’d think WTF. But what if he did three hours of manual labour for free and you said no anyway? Out of pocket out of date. I don’t think he deserved that response from you as it sounds he wasn’t even disrespectful like a lot of men are these days.

I remember the Xmas gift ‘incident’ as I commented on it, but it’s March, you need to let it go and if you can’t then don’t bother see The Principal if it’s going to stir up some kind of emotion each and every time.

Outsider looking in: No xmas gift: Mad at the Principal. No free car work done: A reason for no date for the mechanic. If you don’t get what you want, it seems like no one else can either.

'Help The Aged Shoes' Woman:
Ok Miss Honesty— I would not have gone out with him either way. It would be fair to say that IF I wanted to date and IF he were someone attractive in my eyes to date than I probably would have been all bright eyed and gushed, and not blinked at all. My reaction was definitely skewed by those factors, so my response was appropriate…I’m not interested.
If you’d like I’ll pass your number and or that of your co-workers along to him. Let me know
As far as the xmas gift, that was an issue we discussed among others. Rather than it being about a gift, the cost or whatever else, it was more about if I’m investing (emotionally and otherwise) more in the “relationship” than he is. There’s ain’t no statute of limitations on that. It WILL be discussed.

**LondonDiva's 'Chandler' like comment to fellow bloggers here: Hmmm sounds like the period's coming on early.**

Good job he charged you then innit. But YOU solely stated the reason for turning him down was because he charged you to fix his car. Me and the co-worker are cool thanks. LondonDiva still resides in London, but if I were to turn down Mr Mechanic if I lived in his neck of the woods it would have been solely because I just didn’t want to go on a date with him and not because he charged me for doing what he’s supposed to be doing for a living.

**which part of this is she not getting? Me thinks that awful dye job fried more than the hair**

'Help The Aged Shoes' Woman:
MMM LD, Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? While you’re vocal and that’s cool, this is semi confrontational. I know what I stated…thats what you interpreted. Generally when I post, its not on defensive…making sure I’m covering all my bases in case someone gets the wrong idea. I didn’t include that he was a few hours late to get to me, or that he changed the price (increase) twice. So for the sake of clarification, this time…I’ll say I wasn’t interested period and those other factors were ironic to me. My actual response to him was that I’m not interested in dating anyone right now…Nawt..was in my head.

No one has to agree with me most of the time, or all of the time, we’re individuals so thats expected. What I’m not gonna have is someone (you) posturing themselves against me all willy nilly, particularly since this was not a post seeking advice. I don’t do it on anybody’s blog and I’m not having it on mine. Mmmkay?

**She needs to stop her noise when her VOCAL response to the dude was in reference to her paying for his work after him asking her out - Shut up! It's there in black n white. Don't feed me bullshit and add on rubbish to your story.**

I wake up blessed everyday, there is no wrong side and because I choose to freely express my opinion please don’t misconstrue that as being in some kind of bad mood. You’ve been on my blog enough times and on LHCF in the past to know I don’t mince words, so my comment style should be of no surprise. Just because I read your blog doesn’t mean I have to agree with the content. I commented purely what was in front of me that you wrote. I’m not a part of the high fiving got your back team. I’ll say what’s on my mind in moods good bad and all that’s in between.

'Help The Aged Shoes' Woman:
I have visited your site, and of course I recall you from LHCF, but you’d be foolish to think that I studied you or that your presence there warranted me “knowing your style”. Sure you can express your opinion, you just can’t act a fonky fool here. I venture to say that you have no class. A woman would never go to someone else’s place and show out. I don’t do innanet beef..never have, it does nothing for me. Stay blessed.

**OK this chick is a prize idiot. She's the foolish one. Why is she trying to act like she doesn't know OF me when I have her friggin Yahoo Instant Messenger ID from how many years back? She was a regular as was I. Stop acting brand new luv. Can y'all smell the bullshit reeking from the rubber soles of the bad shoes? Doesn't do internet beef? So why is she going back n forth then? Again, prize idiot.**

**My response that never got posted I guess I got a block, but hey my blog innit….**
Stop acting brand new. You practically lived on LHCF and I was there from the day it started DO NOT sit there acting like you don't recall my honest style of writing over 10s of thousands of posts. And if you didn't you've been on my blog so there are no surprises there at all for you. Sorry luv that right there is lame.

Acting funky or fonky as you put it? Well if you put your blog up on the public domain then expect the public to critique if the comments section is free reign. Make it private or don't post your public business at all. People will speak their mind, and initially I said it as respectfully and honestly as I could. It's a blog not your house. Put a lock on it then. When it's the internet you leave it and your door wide open. I don't really have time for the back n forth ish, but if you wanted to go there then fine. It's evident you enjoy drama over peace. Dinner over the weekend is evident of that. And you want to talk about class with those granny looking church usher shoes. Not even on my 59 yr old mother…but I digress.

I can see that my honesty is a problem then you decided to be smart with the dropping of the phone number comment to me and my co-worker. You can't take it or deal with someone not agreeing with you is not my problem so much so you actually think my disagreement is down to a bad mood [laughable]. No [name removed] someone just didn't agree with you. Get it over it like the Xmas gift. IT'S MARCH. Man you can hold a grudge. Mechanic got off good, it's the Principal that needs to step. And you need to find something to be joyful about. If you gave to receive then your gift was not sincere. Yeah he could have picked up something in London but NOW I'm not really surprised that he didn't. Your move wasn't classy at all, hence my comment, and you wanna talk about funky out for a meal with Da Principal and your mouth all twiss up to the point of another couple interveining in your issues and looking over?? Don't tell me how to conduct myself online and you can't even conduct yourself in a restaurant. Your other blog readers can comment and hi five you all they like. I'll tell it like it is. Don't like it…not my problem. It's called life luv, deal with it.

Trust me if you wanna switch, I'll switch right alongside with you.

So there you have it. Yes it's juvenile, childish whatever you want to call it, but if you read this far then you couldn't have been that offended to read it all, could you? OK so don't even try and say nothing.

Apologies for those with fashion sense OFFENDED by the shoes….That's why God created Christian Louboutin! So his children wouldn't have to wear that shit. Those shoes are a work of the devil. The devil I tell you!!!


  1. I laughed so hard reading this post. I can see you truly hate that shoe considering there are five (of the exact same) pictures of it in the post. LOL'd every time I saw the next one.

    Also (and I'm not co-signing or anything, but...) I think it's mighty classy of you to not post links of this persons blog....even though I found myself wishing I could see this dye job you kept referring to.

  2. Well i learned a long time from blogging that many people really just want cheerleaders and not honest opinions thats why my fan base went from over 200 to around 5 but hey it makes my life a lot easier cos i dont have to respond to that many ppl but i notice that i do have a lot of lurkers who will stop by and see what i am blogging about but will never comment which is cool with me lol.

  3. **dead** LDN Diva whaaaaaaaaaat?? You have been bumped up on the list of people on blogville that tell it like it is! This post had me cracking up...those shoes..those..shoes...school shoes at best and at worst the type my mama rocks to work for comfort...lol

    Ah too sad she could not have just said after your first comment "thanks point taken" and moved the hell on...but she had to act faulty with her opinions...its the shoes...bad decisions are clearly something she does even when it comes to other things not just shoe shopping...lol

  4. LOL!!! Girl, those shoes...my grandma has a pair and that says a lot!! Those shoes...LOL!! Hey, freedom of speech knows no boundaries so you saying ur piece on her blog shouldn't get her grandma knickers in a twist!! hey grandma shoes then granny knickers too!!!

  5. LMAO @ Fash and his 'fan base'. She can stay there with her duppy fan base talking about she should still feel bitter about not getting an XMAS present. I should send her a $10 donation to go see HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU or pick up the book. Like I told her it's March…get over it. If she as a 'Christian' woman is still vex and hardcore about it to the point where she causing a scene at a restaurant she has major issues that need resolving. She ever heard of Let Go and Let God? She needs to fix up and concentrate on the gifts from the Lord, not a man. And look forward to that and that only.

    @ K, girl there is nothing I say on this blog that I don't and cannot say in real life. I get it out and speak my mind on a daily basis, hence once it's out it's gone. I have no stresses or strains NONE! Not one! This broad just seems miserable period! For someone so Christian she ever heard of taking it to God and keeping it there? But must admit it was a good time filler and RL soap opera when having my lunch on most days. She needs to worry about x, y and z in her life rather than go ape shit talking about beef because I leave her a comment. That is not beef, so she needs to siddown somewhere in something non polyester at that. And she should be grateful brothas are checking for her in the first place. If I was a lesbian…not even luv *shakes head*…………not even!

    @ Shona, those were her church usher shoes. They'd just have to be pissed at my church cause I don't recall footwear being a pre-requisite to enter the holy gates? Joyce Meyer 60 year old white woman is rocking her garms and heels preaching, looking good feeling good. Let God be mad I chose a 4 inch platform heel over some rubber flame resistant granny loafers, then try put them up on the WORLD wide web as if they are nice. I'd feel more than shame. Like I'd have time to appease people in the church.

    NEVER put those off key footwear sin ting up and sing all happy about 50% off. Should have been FREE with a basket of muffins. The only thing that saved me going Chris Rock and Bernie Mac on that was that she didn't pose with her foot inna di shoe! I'm surprised my computer didn't effin crash!!!

  6. LOL @ her foot inna di shoe..gurl I can so see your face right about now!! LOL...

  7. I love your blog and I read it every day but I've never left a comment but I believe this post deserves one.

    She clearly does not know how to take constructive criticism.

    You are brutally honest and that's why I love reading your blog to gain an insight to LondonDiva's daily opinion.

    Please keep doing your thing.

    Honest is certainly the best policy.

    I hope to God she didn't pay good money for those shoes.

  8. This just really doesn't seem like you LD. I guess man...I guess...

  9. Seem like me? This is me. The bad side of the good side. You knew OF me on a MODERATED forum. This is my blog to curse, write, cuss, express, show love as I feel. I've always been this way.

    I act one way in my mothers house. I act a certain way in mine. This right here is my manor.

  10. @ Hengish, thanks for the blog love, glad to see another new name in the comments sections. All I can say is DAMN at your blog [in a good way of course], talk about no holds barred AND HONEST. I've added it to my follow list and will definitely be checking it out. I like 'tha realness' of what I've scanned through so far.

    My thing will keep getting done. Don't you worry about that.

  11. I had to come back for the shoe.




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