12 Mar 2009

Michael Jackson Tickets For Sale! - BOTH PAIRS NOW SOLD!!!

I told my friend I'd put up a link for her Michael Jackson tickets as well as mine. Both of ours are listed on Seat Wave.

The tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow. Why some fools are pitching tents outside the O2 I don't know. Have they heard of Internet?? Whilst they are standing in line tickets will be sold at the stroke of 7am and FAST.....the world over.

Hayley's Tickets SOLD £220 each
28th August 2009 @ 18:30
Level 4
Block 409
Row K

LondonDiva's Tickets SOLD £225 each
26th July 2009 @ 18:30
Level 4
Block 411
Row K
Seats 697 & 698
And if you think that is steep in price for that seat...TRUST people ARE PAYING for tickets for this concert.

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