12 Mar 2009

Say What?: Part 13 - Office Talk

Let me just take another moment out of my productivity to say a few lines.

Ummmm we're on the 1st floor and over the way sits a black girl. She's talking loudly over a distance to another co-worker, one much older than her and although not her manager I think he may have interviewed her. Did I just hear her say "Sorry, what was that baby?"

I asked another co-worker they said they heard same thing too. So I heard correctly.

You know when you just stop and……look.

I'm thinking nah luv you don't refer to co-workers as baby, especially when asking them to repeat something from across the room. The girl looks all of 22 and the man all of 40.

Baby ya know!!! To a co-worker??


  1. Hi, I'm bloghopping today and came across your blog.

    I agree with you. That's not a good look at work.

  2. Clearly she missed the over-familiarity with coworkers breeds nothing good seminar that life has been teaching the rest of the world

  3. What Baby???In the office??Shuuuu I don't even like it when my bosslady says 'Love' to me and they're on a 'baby'level..RIIIGHT!!!

  4. Baby ke? Na wa o! Thats just not on. or u think there is some office romance going on?

  5. @Tigress oh there's definitely nothing going on at all. This is one of those young people that needs to check herself, she doesn't know how to call people by their name.


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