4 Mar 2009

Rent & Car Payments is NOT Child Support!

Tyrese is going thru some baby momma drama! His estranged wife, Norma Gibson, of 10 months took him to court and the Judge has ordered Tyrese Gibson to pay up $65,000.00 along with $6,230.00 a month for child support for their daughter, Shayla. He is also required to pay Norma’s monthly rent of $2,730 and make her $800 car payments.

According to TMZ, Norma, who had accused Tyrese of being an absentee dad in a response to his divorce declaration, is reportedly contesting their prenup.

This stuff makes me so mad I could scream!

I'll side with the Norma on this:
The bastard should be paying to take care of his child AS WELL AS spending quality time with his child.

I'll side with Tyrese on this:
That wench should be paying her own damn rent and car payments. If the car isn't hers then sell it. If the rent is shared in both names, then pay 50% of that rent man. Let her pay the other half.
Is there anything in this settlement that DEMANDS that Tyrese spend time with his daughter? Do you see it bloggers? Cause I sure don't. I hope there is something there though along those lines.

So the money to keep her child takes precedence over her wanting her husband to be a stable force in the child's life it seems. As long as she get the money she's cool. Fuck visitation. Why aren't these women screaming for visitation and only money money money. Why not both?

“Persons in the entertainment industry always seem to have a fascinating ability to characterize their life choices as somehow different, more important and not a matter of choice, but a requirement, entitling them to special rules and considerations,” says Norma Gibson.

Married for just 10 months according to radaronline.com documents, Norma Gibson says she deserves at least some financial compensation despite the short length of their marriage.

According to documents Norma says “He earned roughly $800k during the ten months of marriage”. She goes on to say ” a single mother with no family or friends, with effectively no funds whatsoever, to simply walk away from potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars simply because it is the petitioner’s (Tyrese) position she must do so.” According RadarOnline, the singer/actor/rapper is due in court March 2.

No funds? Norma that's your fucking problem? Get a job, jump on a pole, sweep the street, sell your story to the Enquirer, sell some clothes on Ebay. DAMN do something other than leech off a man!!! UGH! It's women like this that give me and my friends a bad name who appreciate men for being men and not what their wallet contains, but are self sufficient enough to have their own job, money and home. Trying to convince a man you aren't into money is a hard feat. Trust me!
Tyrese's money is Tyrese's money. The IRS, his agent and his child should be the only recipients of that cash and she signed a pre-nup so double doo doo to you too on that one right there. Tired of this culture where folks see marriage as a job that deserves a monetary value on it once it's over.

I'm not excusing Tyrese being an absent father. No way!! I have one so absent never even seen a picture of the bastard in my life in my near 30 years, but some women can be totally trifling and unless they get x amount of dollars, pounds or rupees they aren't seeing their kids.

My aunt is dealing with a deadbeat of a father for my cousin. What did she do? Asked and asked and never got. She never spoke bad of the father to my cousin. She never kept my cousin and her father apart. She merely wrote down all the missed payments in a book to one day give my cousin if she ever so asks one day in the future to show just how much her 'daddy' provided for her, and hauled his ass to the CSA to get regular monetary payment about 5 years after all of this happened. See my aunt had sense. She did HER. She made her money, WORKED her job, PAID her mortgages, BOUGHT her own damn car, and made sure the relationship between deadbeat part-time dad and daughter remained.

This goes back to my post last night about What Would You Do If...? where I mentioned having your 'vex money' in case shit happens. Whether an ass whooping, divorce, or deadbeat dad to your kids, make sure you pre-plan before you make important steps like marriage and children to make sure if he ups n leaves you, you will be OK [even if for a little while]. Oh and don't think it's divorce you also have to worry about. You could be blissfully happy and he drops down dead when you have a 3 year old and you yourself are only 25. It happened to my aunt. She did what she had to do. No qualifications, she became a cleaner to make ends meet, cleaning banks after hours. Rented a small flat. Got a council job, 2 cars, 2 children [by 1 deceased and 1 deadbeat partner], and 3 properties later [now looking for another one to buy] she did it without never being married, engaged or anyone giving her anything.

So when I hear about these women married, divorced or just bloody dating talking about car payments and rent from a man it makes me want to scream. Down size your damn vehicle or move into a smaller abode. Tyrese should pay for his child and leave it at that. Child support should mean just that CHILD SUPPORT!!

I have a feeling Norma Gibson will keep the Gibson last name going forward and probably marry another actor or someone in the sporting field. I know you should judge a book, but hey...she looks the type.
After reading some comments on another site it seems she's a member of a dating site to hook up with the rich and wealthy.
OKkkkkkkkk then!


  1. Oh lawd save me from dumb heifers and even dumber actors...

    See here are lessons to be learned right here on LDN Diva's blog...don't say nobody told you
    a) Gentleman don't travel to another country fall in love with booty because its international and then take said international booty out of school, out of her parent's house where she was living rent free because she had no job...

    b) Then you take the same chick parade her ass around to premiere's rather than to your agents for possible jobs for YOU and HER, get her pregnant then propose...

    To the ladies dumb enough to repeat Norma's formula..

    a) If your ass is living in another country with a movie star for 5 years and you never sorted out your visa to work then you dumber than I thought

    b)your ass had complete unlimited access to his credit cards and money...you really do not need another pair of Manolo's and your ass was getting paid 5 thousand a month...put that money aside...do you know how much your dumb ass would have accumulated in 5 years?

    c) You left school...blink...blink..blank stare...they don't have schools in the states? You couldn't talk to Tyrese to get you an interview with his agents?

    d) Before someone ask you to leave your family and friends behind to travel to another country ask for your damn compensation then aka marriage...and if he asks you to sign a prenup..that should be your first indication of where this situation is going

    e) don't get me started on the fact that your baby has jewelery and can't wear the same outfit twice...and the fact your ass stayed even though he was beating you...and he's the one that sprung you with a divorce??

    Like LDN Diva said...VEX MONEY baby..if you didn't have it before you should have made some money during...or at least take a leaf out of the book of class and self respect that features London Diva's aunt..pleaseeeeee!

    Lawd what are we going to do with dumb heifers...Jesus come and take the wheel already some of your children driving blind!

  2. **Pulls up a chair for K and steps out of the way**

    You're Hired!!


    Girl you can take over my blog and write up here. Loved your comment and I totally agree with you. I didn't even know all that extra stuff, and good job I didn't because I'd still be writing in relation to all of it right there!


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