26 Mar 2009

"So Fine From Head To Toe...? I Don't Think So!"

Do I really need to write a lot on this one? I think the pictures speak for themselves. I hear a lot of fellas fawning over these women like they are LITERALLY fine from head to toe., and that by someone keep carrying on about this dime piece fineness they exude in our presence we're going to be jealous or somewhat envious.




But like I tell the ladies, don't be so quick to envy another woman because she herself isn't perfect and may just desire something that YOU YOURSELF have. I love me enough to NEVER want Nicole or Keri's feet that's for sure. Yes it's OK to admire someone who isn't 100% perfect but even Lela Rochon's feet was enough to make Eddie Murphy climb out of the bed in Boomergang. And even the oh so adored Halle Belly has stretch marks on her breasts n booty [if you're TV is big enough and you've seen Monster's Ball...enough said] I even remember seeing this at the movies and all you heard in the crowd were whispers that just echoed "stretch marks" from the sistahs. Like it was so hard to believe Halle 'Perfect' Berry was capable of having stretch marks. Don't even ask me what Deelishus was doing wearing that.

So when these guys go on about being so fine, so fly from head to toe and perfect dimes, yadda, yadda, yadda their focus is usually on what isn't real [especially with celebs]. Make-up, airbrushed images, cosmetic surgery, lace front wigs/weaves, false eyelashes, false nails, padded bras, Spanx, panties with padding to make your butt bigger.

They're being fed a false image and all the while I'm sitting there to myself thinking if you saw half of these women in their 100% natural state you wouldn't be so excited nor tripping the way that you are. We as women know what it takes to get there. And we also know what it took them to get their. That's why our responses may sound like the dumb 'hate' term, but I'm not gonna praise a woman on her beauty if it's enhanced by MAC or Bobbie Brown cosmetics and a lace front wig when my response is "She's aiight"

And please ladies I don't care how far your confidence stretches, if your feet look like that. Keep them covered!!!

Not even a peep toe shoe.
Not even with all that fineness can you get away with this. Brothas on blogs were disgusted.

Naomi Campbell not so fine from head to toe. Gorgeous physique and skin tone, beautiful face and lips, receding hairline and jacked up feet.

Yes these belong to the African beauty that is Iman. With a face so beautiful it really does leave you with a WTF happened thought going on.

Beyonce's crusty heel back. All that money not even a pumice stone in sight.
SO FOLKS....Moral of the blog today. Don't envy so hard on the celeb folks. Pretty much everyone adored and admired has flaws of their own. They aren't perfect and when it comes to the exterior are pretty much NOT even real to begin with anyway in some capacity.


  1. omg, this is prob one of the best posts i've read....EVER!!!


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  3. This is my first time on your blog. I will be back. I used to think models were beautiful from head to toe, until now. Those nasty manly toes have put me off my dinner. It is shocking to think that someone somewhere on this planet sucked those stretch marks infested nasty camel toes. Toe sucking should be outlawed.

  4. This was a great blog. Everyone has flaws, whether it be jacked up feet of strecth marks.

  5. Thanks for the kudos blog readers. I think we as women are under pressure a lot.

    We look at some of these women then try and do something to look like them in some capacity before taking a good look at ourselves in the mirror and finding x amount of things we love about ourselves first and foremost.

    I find it tiresome and exhausting.


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