23 Mar 2009

Here I Go Again - No To Mother's Day Rant!

All right. Here is what LondonDiva doesn't do in case y'all are beginning to think I'm a tight fisted scrooge and/or missed my Christmas and Valentine's day blogs and what my reasons for bowing out of these ridiculous 'traditions' are

I don't do:

Mother's Day
Father's Day
Dog Day
Cat Day
Christmas Day
Hamster Day
Valentine's Day
Grandparent's Day
Cousin's Day

I however, do observe, Birthdays, Weddings, Funerals, Christenings, Easter, Anniversaries.

Aside from an occasion like a birthday or a wedding I refuse to be reminded or dictated in how I'm going to live my life and who I'm going to give to and when. Let me see if I can keep this brief while all the while in getting my point across.

I do not need March 22nd as a day to get my mother flowers, chocolates, or cook her a damn meal. I should be doing that and showing my appreciation anyway. OK granted I don't cook the meal but I do book restaurants [JUST BECAUSE] and take my folks out because I love them and want to treat them. I occasionally pass by the confectionary aisle in the supermarket and pick up a box of chocolates for my folks [JUST BECAUSE] and leave it in my porch when they are going to pass by and drop something off for me. I pick up the phone literally about 5 times [maybe even more] a day and speak to my parents, say good morning/goodnight and all that smushy stuff in between. If my dad has helped me out chauffeuring me to get the DIY stuff in and putting up a shelf or two I will give buy him a thank you bottle of Whisky he so adores. I DO NOT need to look like some prissy fool on Facebook acting all fake and giving my momma props on Mother's Day when I try and treat my mother and my father all of the time. And on top of that how many of your momma's are even on bloody Facebook to read that? Please shut up and phone your mothers and tell em that. I was so tired of the Mother's Day Facebook messages yesterday.

"But LondonDiva c'mon now when you have kids you're gonna want a lil something from your children?"

The hell I am not.

When I have children I want nothing more from my kids than to be well mannered, respectful and do their very best in school and be the best that they can be in life. Looking at them, getting kisses and cuddles and 'I love you mummy' will make EVERYDAY Mother's Day for me. If my kids want to treat me by drawing me a picture [JUST BECAUSE] or try and fix me a snack in the kitchen when they can reach the counter and stand on the stool, then I'd appreciate the 'just because' effort. I want to teach my children to be generous from the heart and do for others sincerely rather than by following fashion just because it's a said date. Have you ever been given the last cookie by a little toddler? I have and it the cutest thing that warms my heart. That is the stuff that I want that will make it all complete for me. I'm not going to enforce all these 'holidays' and forcing to give if (a) they don't have the means or (b) they genuinely aren't feeling like giving around that time. And that's OK. Yes it's good to give but there are days when hey, you're just not in the giving mood.

So there you have it.

With Christmas YOU'RE SUPPOSED to show Goodwill to all men ALL THE TIME and give gifts when you feel like it at other times of the year [JUST BECAUSE]
With Valentine's Day YOU'RE SUPPOSED to show love and adoration and treat the one you love at other times of the year [JUST BECAUSE]
With Mother's Day YOU'RE SUPPOSED to show love and adoration and treat your mother at other times of the year [JUST BECAUSE]

I want my babies last cookie on any day of the week. Stuff the Mother's Day holiday!


  1. Girl so right about how many mothers actually read that ish on FB I know my mama is definitely not on FB!!! ..I laughed when I saw those status'

  2. Cousin, dog, cat and hamster day? Tongue in cheek right? Right?

  3. At least Pancake Day is not on the list. Yeah u know u love some Pancakes lol.

  4. I laughed so loud when I read this .... hun your too funny and I know you wasn't joking either! lol

    Well You made some valid points and I respect your views and agree with them.


  5. @Shona I think Father's Day is coming up. Another dumb day to read those FB status messages.

    @John Boy definitely tongue in cheek.

    @Fashogi I have 5 foods I hate in total but pancakes I never crave.

    @Miss FlyHigh, Thanks :)


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