23 Mar 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • Just what are my thoughts indeed this week?
  • Weekend was very productive. Bought up a lot of bits for the house. I'm going to paint the kitchen on Wednesday, or maybe Tuesday evening...give my dad a break he's been working so hard this weekend.
  • 1 working day and 3 hours to go till I'm done working for Schroders. Fear factor is non-existent.
  • Once I'm done there will be no time for daytime television. There is too much to do. The only sit down times should be a break or wind down time in the evening.
  • I have no motivation today...anything to do with tomorrow being my last day perhaps.
  • I hate the new Facebook layout. If it wasn't for the fact it's one site that links peeps together I would have deleted my account already, but will keep it.
  • Twitter is my new favourite 'social networking site.'
  • There are a TON of very boring celebrities on there John Mayer being one of them. Now 'unfollowed'
  • Soulja Boy is one whiny bitch. TMZ and Media Take Out will talk about you. Don't like then don't become a celebrity. Bitch ass bitch.
  • Add to that egotistical ones. *cough* Estelle *cough* who writes things like "I'm living the life you're reading about." She got into a cab and went to the hairdressers, got her eyebrows and hair done this weekend. Oh and she went to a basketball game. Whoop di fuckin do! I'm so jealous. There is a distinct difference between admiration and envy. Some people need to learn that and understand we may not be making big bucks and have our faces everywhere BUT...we are very content and happy in what we have.
  • Diddy and his making love Twits **fake barf**. Never let me hear about the press being too intrusive Diddy...never. You tell us enough...more than enough.
  • Why is Cassie even signed to Bad Boy? Oh yeah......I remember now...
  • Ashton Kutcher is too disrespectful. His wife Demi was cleaning in a bikini he snapped her bending over and posted her butt on Twitter. Sorry if that was my husband **insert Jamaican cussin here** I don't care how much of a joker he is...but then again white people are on a different humour flex than us. Black men know [usually] what lines to cross and which lines to stand far back from. To me that's not funny. Have some respect for your spouse.
  • This week is going to be very tiring.
  • Why does this woman constantly have her hand all up in her hair like it's nice. It's thin like rats tail. Stop flicking your 2 strands.
  • No I did not observe Mother's Day this weekend.
  • And when I have kids they aren't to get me a damn thing either. I feel a blog coming on...
  • Can this heffer stop the damn sniffing. She claims there is nothing in her nose but she's sniffing anyway. Everyday for how many hours? There's something in your nose yeah. Get it out!
  • There she goes with the hair flick again. You're sitting at your desk you hair did not move. She thinks she's cute but she actually isn't. No seriously she isn't cute at all, she looks slightly Downs. No disrespect to Downs sufferers cause I actually think they are cute n sweet.
  • Hmmm I got 2 hrs 7 minutes before I clock off. Shall I get on with some work?
  • NO!
  • With a lil at home time from Wednesday I'm wondering what will my blogging topics be. It's not like I'll have co-workers or nasty Tube travellers to blog about. Guess LD will start having to go deep again and writing about social issues. The next one "WTF is wrong with the black man."
  • I'm just kidding with that one. No really I am. Black women have their issues too. My opinion is definitely NOT one sided.
  • WTF is up with the English weather? Hmph, it's English weather why am I even asking.
  • That Grizzly Man documentary film in on More4 Tuesday @ 10pm. This fool that lived for these big ass bears and said he would die for them. He bloody did, one of them killed his claat.
  • The Apprentice is back on Wednesday. Can't wait. And before you ask....1 BLACK PERSON, aka TOKEN black and you know this one isn't going to win.
  • I'm genuinely saddened by Jade's death. I haven't been upset about a celeb's death since Bernie Mac passed. I was so cut up about that one.
  • Some people can be sad on cue. I personally can't be sad for every passing to the point of welling up and shedding a tear. Aaliyah, Bernie and Jade are the ones that really moved me that I remember.
  • I finally got my PUSH novel today.
  • I had a flick through Watchmen the graphic novel in Waterstone's. **nods** Gonna get that one. Especially after seeing the movie.
  • Gotta order Hancock 2 Disc special edition in time for Saturday. Ronni just loves a superhero flick. And I just love Will Smith.
  • My girl @ 7 years old has ditched swimming and taken up Judo. She has now requested that she goes to church every Sunday. No more lie ins for my aunt it seems.
  • I've been so busy it's taken me 4 days to watch 1 episode of The Wire. By the time I get ready to watch it I can only manage 10 mins before I fall asleep.
  • I still have no regrets about the ending of a friendship last week.
  • Tasty Jerk make the best Jerk Pork outside of Jamaica. Seriously if any of you are ever in my neck of the woods [by invite of course I have a bat and pepper spray waiting for you stalkers] I will treat you to Jerk Pork, Chicken or Fish from there.
  • This years American Idol is boring. Danny to win please, or the gay guy Adam. Loved his Johnny Cash version.
  • I have less than 2 hours now.

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