3 Apr 2009

Be Blessed Ladies, In Some Countries It's Legal For Your Husband To Rape You!

Afghanistan is one of them. If you are married it is LEGAL for a husband to be able to rape his wife.

I'm keeping this short because the disgust I'm feeling right now I can't even put into words. And all kinds of Afghan N words will be coming out of my mouth.

Thank you Jesus for:

(a) Making me a whoop assin, no nonsense black woman, not afraid to stand up for herself.
(b) Living in a country where such BS isn't tolerated under any circumstances.

Read this blog about Afghan women.


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  3. Well, its only been criminalised in the UK in the last 20yrs or so. We're not that far ahead of them, and neither is America. Whilst I support any attempts to improve the lives of women anywhere in the world, I do feel that America is being hypocritical.

    I guess it doesn't matter who champions their cause, as long as the Afghan women are protected by law.

    I'd be interested to know exactly how many convictions for spousal rape us 'enlightened' countries have achieved since criminalising it. Not very many, I suspect.

  4. @Rabia This is not a western world situation where it wasn't recognised then made illegal this is a situation where a man is putting pen to paper to say

    "Mr x if you ever feel like raping your wife, well here my friend I've passed a law SPECIFICALLY that you can do just that with no repurcussions."

    It's not like pre 1991 in the UK were spousal/marital rape wasn't talked about or recognised and THEN made illegal, where times and attitudes change and laws are brought in to protect people at a better late than never stage.

    This is why there is such an uproar about this in Afghanistan. Could you imagine a law being passed in 2009 in the UK or USA where we tell our make citizens it's now legal to rape your Mrs?

  5. So let me reiterate, it's not a situation where there no law saying it's illegal to rape your wife.

    It's a situation where a country is making it LEGAL TO rape your wife.

    Why don't they just make murder legal and call it a day.

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