15 Apr 2009

Hiatus? Not A Planned One Anyway!

Hey all!!

What happened to the days of me blogging 5 times a day? I don't even know myself.
I haven't forgotten about blogging, bloggers, or reading blogs, I just try to keep the online usage minimal because it's just that addictive and got a fair bit I need to plough through and get done before I get back onto the [work] market again. My Blackberry and using Twitter on it are enough for one addiction though.

I never plan to be on a hiatus (only vacations). Nor make announcements saying I'm taking one. To me I feel that's a lil conceited, cause most times...no all of the time...I don't give a damn when people up and take a break from Facebook or anything else on the net for that matter, and make a huge announcement about it. Like we are sitting here caring. And as much as some of you like my blog and tell me so [thanks as always], I'm not so into me to think I'm on blog celeb status and have to make announcements to my 'fans'. PUH-LEEEEZE!!

The only time you'll know about me taking a blog break is
(a) When I'm going on vacation and even then, I'll try and blog from wherever I am.
(b) I'm done blogging FOR GOOD. And that'll never happen.

I will be back to my regular online blogging self soon. Being opinionated with a 140 character limit (on Twitter) is not always the best way trust me!

I got a ton of blogs to catch up on myself, a few of em yours! Oh and if you pass by and read my blog and happen to be on Twitter drop me a comment right here with your username and I'll follow you, as long as you're not a prick making rude comments or anything of that ilk. (I see ALL comments as soon as you press the button via the BB)

Mine is @LondonDiva look forward to following you and being followed. [How stalkerish is that?]

Toodles for now. x

BTW does E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. XOXO because of that Gossip Girl show now? Get original please!


  1. hey london diva, I'm glad your back. Could you please write a post about your time in Lisbon, I would love to know how you found the city. I'm going there in May with a group of friends and want to know how you found it!! However, I do appreciate that you're busy.

  2. First off if that's you in your avatar, you're bloody gorgeous.

    Secondly, yes I can do a blog about Lisbon. I'll work on it over the next few days.

  3. I don't watch Gossip Girl...never have, never will!!

    but iv bn XOXO-ing forever cos i loveeeeee kisses



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