15 Apr 2009

Locked In!!! Diddy, Lock Off!!!

Right people.

I'm a Twitter addict. First it was AOL/MSN/Yahoo IM. Then MySpace, then Facebook now Twitter. What is next for social networking I wonder? I'm actually really wondering where can we go with this next. Being able to take a walk this evening, read and Twitter in the middle of nowhere. 10-15 years ago did we even think colour on cells phones was possible let alone this.

Twitter is great. If you hate it, don't use it simple as. I love it and make no bones about it either. Nothing to be ashamed of. Doesn't mean if you're on it you have nothing better to do, I've vacuumed and Twittered, boiled noodles and Twittered, even Twittered from the bathtub [although I don't actually announce this ON Twitter]. I get a lot of stuff done period, and in the process 10 seconds typing on the Blackberry at a time can be quite pleasantly entertaining.

I am however, NOT entertained by Diddy. I always thought this man was a prize prick and now he's firmly cemented that in my head. I had to unfollow him [Twitter speak] over a week ago. Lawd have mercy he made up a dumb phrase then the whole of Twitter [celebs too] latched on like a newborn baby to the breast.

Locked in.

"I'm locked in."
"Are you locked in."
"We're locked in."
"I haven't locked in for days."

A wha di raas?

His Twitter that Twittered me over the edge...
@iamdiddy: LOCK IN just made Twitter’s Top Trends!!! We have a positive movement people!!! LOCK IN!

A positive movement? No Diddy creating a popular phrase is not a popular movement and as a Black American you should know what positive movements are all about. The Little Rock Nine, Million Man/Woman marches were positive movements. Locked in is not about to make any changes to the world as we know it. This is what I'm talking about. The man speaks pure fart to think that his new catchy phrase is #1 on the Twitter stats is a positive movement.

Some of you may think, oh it's only a bit of fun. Yes it is, but it was a lil deeper to me than that and here's why.

You have an opportunity to get half a million people on board to read what you have to say on a daily basis, connect with people and inspire and the best you can do is get 'locked in' Diddy has nothing of interest or inspiration to say period. He wants to have more people follow him (numbers game) and talk about himself, where he's been and where he's going. I got tired of the egotistical bullshit, "who wants ptwitty TV?" "Praise God, praise Jesus." "I'm about to go watch some porn."

I think celebrities are not aware of the power and influence they have and can create. If you can have hundreds of thousands of fools cop a new phrase that isn't really necessary in the black dictionary of foolishness slang, then you can use a platform like this to make a change if people are LITERALLY going to follow you word for word. And to me he's just not about anything solid or remotely positive. I'll give him fair dues in his accomplishments, major kudos in fact, but that's about it.

This is why I like the Tweets by Rev Run @RevRunWisdom, inspiring is not even the word. Even @MCHammer, @DonnieWahlberg and @ludajuice [Ludacris] use their status to make people think, and want to better themselves. With Diddy it was just a "WTF are you about bruv? You're a proper prize prick!" [say that in a Souf London accent].

I get the feeling where there is a spotlight, it's all about him, like the elections and his Vote or Die campaign some years ago. To this day I still think it was a dumb slogan for a political campaign, and years on he's still making up dumb slogans and phrases.


  1. My phone won't allow me 2 twitter!Diddy,after the whole b**assness thing he thinks he's close 2 the Bard!!

  2. I could never bring myself to follow Diddy. It's nigh impossible for me to respect him as an actual person, nevermind as a twitter celeb (especially one who thinks he's the one that made the ish cool). Locked in! Locked in?! Is he serious!? I mean, really!

  3. I am dying!!! I too would never follow that moron. He is all about doing whatever he can to boost his ego. He needs to lock in one of those baby mamas and marry them instead of spreading his seed all over the darn place. He annoys me and I wish he would lock in and stay in FOREVER!!! Q

  4. @Shona what phone do you have girl. If you have internet access on it you can download Tinytwitter.com on it as a seperate application on your phone, kinda like the Facebook app.

    @Mr. NoFace I thought he may prove us all wrong but alas, no he's still a prize prick.

    @Queeny ITA with what you say. His ego is a trip, and he's not as great as he thinks. He's just rich. He doesn't have any particular talent. Although I can give him a liccle props from when he played Halle's hubby in Monster's Ball. He did a good job on that.

    And he can't bloody dance. All this talk about he was a dancer. He's no damn dancer!!

  5. I have a Samsung Tocco and i think its coz i was just going directly to twitter.com...yeah lemme try Tinytwitter, maybe then i can be twittering away!!Thanks a lot girl xx

  6. KMT! I unfollowed that arrogant twunt after 2 hours. He talks so much effin shit!


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