28 May 2009

Daniel 'Cloud' Campos

You won't know who he is by name, but you may have recognised him from Madonna videos and tours. He's danced for Mariah Carey and as soon as he took to the stage on Monday night I was like "Oh my God, that's him.!" He's my fave celeb back up dancer crush. Yes, there is such a thing up until now, cause well...I just made it up. He makes watching a Madonna video bearable, and it does help that he can move as well.

I don't know if he's gay or straight. I'm not looking to marry the dude, but I do think he's fine and one hell of a dancer.

Just wanted to give Daniel Campos some props cause from what I have seen him do over the past few years, I've loved it.

He's the lead dancer chef in the music video and the street dancer toward the end [with all the other dancers]
I still wanna know who that sexy dude is that unzips Madonna's jacket at 3:46 in the video.

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  1. omg he i like the hottest guy ever bar ian somerhalder


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