11 May 2009

LondonDiva Will Be On BBC Radio 5 Live Tomorrow

Yes she will.

An old school friend works on the BBC 5 Live radio show and hit me up on Facebook asking if I want to go on. So I call the number she leaves me and speak to the producer of the show.

It's going to be about people's love and obsession with TV shows on DVD...I kid you not. Some of you know I have a thing for DVDs [have about 500 of em] and 24 is my favourite TV show. So I'll be on the radio show in the studio having a discussion with some other people and the shows host Victoria Derbyshire [right].

It's on from 10am tomorrow, you can listen on your radio, which right about now I have no bloody idea what frequency it's on or directly online.

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  1. yay!!my girl is a celebrity!!!..lol..yes you are!!!


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