13 May 2009

Blast From The Past: Daddy Cool by Boney M

I love disco and I sure as hell love Boney M. This is one of my favourite Boney M classics. Is the brotha having a seizure or something? Dude needs to chill out before be busts a tear in his pants.

As always You Tube comments are the best: Please bear in mind Boney M have a HUGE European following to this day. The piss poor English comments are better read in a European accent for better effect.

  • This man is lost on alcohol an cocaine!
  • I remember as a kid laughing at that guy's dancing. But looking back he was a great mover!
  • Oh yeah! Acid trip! Get down James Brown! I'm not trying to sound sarcastic, but homeboy can really get down. I like it!
  • They just straight up do not make chicks like that anymore. And I don't care who you are, that cat can fuckin' move.
  • That motherfucker on acid!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I dont know what He's on but I want some. Thats called letting go of all your inhibitions. Cool!
  • This guy is masterpice of freestyle
  • lol was that dance choreographed lol
  • i want him jacket and trousers!
  • Love this song! Love his dancing also, its like chic geek.
  • check out the crowd ! all those honkies with no rythem at all..lol.... :-))) total restiction.. u must not get up and move ur ting lol...so 70 s
  • lol. the camera should have stayed on him the whole time.
  • WHAT A damn cool dance :D:D
  • that man can't stop moving! he's incredible... i saw him in a tvshow a few years ago and he still continued moving the same way! ;)
  • Damn those birds can harmonise!
  • And the dude, give him props for dancing like that, Mad man. Brilliant.
  • I have a theory: the guy actually has flees all over him, that's why he moves that way. Sometimes, if you pay atention, you'll see that he manages to grab one or another and kicks it away... then just keeps going! By the end, they are stinging him so bad that he needs to take off his jacket. BAD case of flees...
  • Thats not really funny. People ina 60's and 70's really danced like that.


  1. LOL @ the chick having her mini orgasm there but this video was a good intro to disco...clearly I have been missing out!

  2. Ooooh girl, thanks for this!!M feeling so crap this morning and this made me smile..Boney M..my brothers would do those moves when we had visitors (and you know my mother didnt appreciate any of that from her kids, they'd get that African mother look..the corner of the eye one that says 'wait till these people are gone and you'll explain this foolery'..lol.)..Now m hummy Mary's BoyChild..LOL!! Thanks girl!!

  3. lol, I guess he had to dance extra hard to cover up the fact that he was miming milli vanilli style

  4. It's funny you say that. The guy whose voice it actually is was responsible for forming Milli Vanilli and I think was the voice on their fake records.


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