1 May 2009

Mad Cause Popeye's Ran Out Of Chicken!!!

I'm mad cause these folks are acting the damn fool.

These black people and that damn poultry **breathes**

**moves away from the computer**

**comes back**

Can we please get this fucking passionate about some serious shit in our communities?? You got folks on here talking about "I WAS TRYING TO FEED MY FAMILY. I GOT KIDS TO FEED."

So you're telling me these folks are relying on some damn FREE Popeye's to feed their family? There's no McDonald's, Taco Bell, Burger King or Pizza Hut anywhere in the area, and that without Popeye's you're gonna just die?! You got flour at home and water in the tap, make a damn dumpling, fry it and shut the hell up.

Spare me the mutha effin drama black folks. I knew we 'liked us some chicken' but from this and the chicken robbery story two blog posts below I'm just on a WTF trip at the moment.

And I'll say this...some of those folks look like THEY'RE ONE DRUMSTICK AWAY FROM A DAMN HEART ATTACK and don't need any damn chicken.

It's official: chicken will make black folks act the fool. I couldn't even get mad at a non-black comedian making chicken/black jokes. The world over this obsession with 'Tha Poultry' is borderline ridiculous.


  1. Hey! Did you read my blog talking about this same thing and how the media pumped up the entire situation. It's called "Ignorance is Bliss". http://dynamic-diva.blogspot.com/

  2. Hey Girl! I just did, and it's inspired me to write a spin off blog. I'll pass on writing it today though I really do need a lil R n R.


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