1 May 2009

"Looks Like We Made It!"

I for one this time last year was in complete shock. A die hard Mariah fan aka Lamb for nearly two decades. One minute she's in a long term relationship with Mark Sudack, then next Nick Cannon is her husband.

Ummm OK. I thought this was a joke, others a publicity stunt. I even believed it to be a cover up for a real marriage to Mark Sudack, as Mariah's a very private person when it comes to her personal life. So why all of a sudden was she talking about Nick all the time and even put him in her 'Bye Bye' video.

365 days on I believe it. Took me a while but it's bloody obvious, these two love the hell out of one another whether in photos or on Twitter messages to one another you can tell it's Real Love *singing Mary J in my head now* he's at an airport and can't wait to get home to his wife, and she's at home in bed and can't sleep cause Nick isn't there beside her. Awwww how sweet.

Mariah with the Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Cha Cha, a gift Nick bought her for her 39th Birthday in April.

I gave it 6 months. I was wrong. Not that I didn't want my beloved Mimi to be happy but I thought post Selita and Christina Nick, wasn't the right one, but I guess the old adage rings true "who am I to judge."

Celebrating tonight in Las Vegas with friends is their 1 year wedding anniversary. And I wish them many more. This is one celeb marriage I'm really rooting for. Mariah deserves it and Nick seems to have matured before our eyes both personally and professionally over the past year.

Good Luck for passing that 1st year [especially in Celebville]


  1. i wish them the best of luck too

  2. Their wedding was a shocker for me. I just couldn't understand it especially because the first image of Nick Canon that always comes to my mind is his role in Love don't cost a thing. I still see that googy little guy and wonder what or should I say how he and Mariah get along. I guess I misjudged them and I really wish them the best of luvk.

  3. didnt give them any credit at first but hey!


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