3 May 2009

Showing Some Blog Love - Vent Letters

This is a good read and fun site. A site where readers send in anonymous letters to get things off their chest, and seeing as it's anonymous you know some of these folks are no holds barred.

You can also add Vent Letters to your list of blogs that you currently follow. Just copy and paste the URL.

Vent Letters Check it out


  1. great link.... will always come handy when im having a bad day

  2. I think it is really good especially for blogger like me who blog with our identity. There a lot of things I sometimes want to talk about but I can't for obvious reasons.

  3. I don't mind crazy people. But I seriously draw the line at crazy white folks.

    19yr old white boy coming on here talking about Twat. Someone give this lil Irish white boy some pussy please and a damn English lesson. Who's the twat when you're on here reading MY blog and at 3:19am?

    "You're a twat" not "Your"

    I was more mad at that than anything else.

    I'm going back to moderating comments. Not having little cunts chatting shit on here.


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