3 May 2009

Know The Laws Of The Land!

Right, before I start writing this let me just shed all feeling of bias toward this girl and the case because she's black.

I say this because we as a people have a habit of sympathising with people when we share the same skin tone and heritage. It's normal you feel a sense of loyalty or kinsman ship to your people. If this was a white woman we probably wouldn't be feeling much or would probably say "Oh well, you should know the law before you break it." And go on about our business.

This girl, Samantha Orobator was born in Nigeria, raised and lived in London [South-East like me] in Camberwell. She is 20 years old and currently five months pregnant in a Laos prison awaiting trial, which by if found guilty she will she executed by firing squad.

**Deep breath**

That alone sounds horrendous. The rumours are she conceived from being raped whilst in prison. OK no words about that right there at the moment. If this is the case then what is done about the rapist, probably not a damn thing.

She was arrested 9 months ago from after being in possession of 680g [1 1/2 lbs] of heroin in her luggage. Heroin possession over 500g will land you a mandatory death sentence in Laos.
So how did it get there? I've read one account where she says she was 'forced' to smuggle the drugs and act as a mule. Another account saying she didn't know how it had gotten there.

**LondonDiva's 'oh really?' face**
Force a black woman to do what? Which part and where?

Let's not beat around the friggin bush here people. This girl is 20 years old travelled from Ireland to the Netherlands, to Thailand to Laos and was arrested before she got on her flight back to London. Sounds like the damn money ran out and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make that money back and fast in London.

Was probably fed a story about the security at the airports being lapse and that they don't have the technology to scan bags like they do in Europe and the USA. Or that no one is going to search her bag once she lands in the UK.

Now I travel and have travelled a lot. Trust me there is NEVER anyone there [in London] when I land in customs waiting to search my bag and I come back with tons to declare and never have declared a thing.

Some people turn the damn fool when money is involved and all of a sudden develop the "it's not going to happen to me" syndrome when doing something illegal. Her family and friends have also come to the forefront to salvage her image by saying she is not the type to get into drugs. I think her family and friends need to shut up, the girl has Heroin in her possession so she either knows bad mind people who were willing to frame her, or she is indeed bad mind herself and was coming back to have this sold on the streets of London. Let's keep it real and not get carried away with the "Samantha was an angel bull crap."

You'll get into being a mule or a dealer for the right price. Not everybody, but a lot of people have their 'price' for doing certain things and for some people this is not 'getting into drugs' this is solely business or a short-term money making opportunity.

I just did a lil bit of research, the street value of Heroin in the UK is between £30-£100 per gram , so my girl had Heroin with a street value between £20,400 [$30.600] and £68,000 [$102,000] in her possession. In a recession those figure looks rather nice, don't they?

Looking at those figures, taking into consideration she's a young girl, possibly a student or not earning a lot of money that this would have been appealing. If she'd have made it though to London safely with that amount on her, she'd only pocket a cut of it but it sure would have been better than £0.00 and trying to get back on your feet financially after travelling across 2 continents let me tell you.

Something tells me Samantha knew what the hell she was doing and wasn't forced to carry a damn thing. Remember, people cry and give it the "it wasn't me" when they get caught, they never think about it getting to the stage of incarceration in a Third World prison and a mandatory death sentence because "it's not going to happen to me."

Now if I was Samantha and I was forced to carry it, I would have dumped that shit in the toilet before I checked in. Whoever 'forced' me to smuggle it is not travelling with me and certainly wouldn't be up on my ass in a cubicle. For me it wouldn't even have gotten to that stage. I'm no nonsense. Just ask me to do anything illegal and I'll counteract that with an illegal move what's also known as GBH on your ass. I'm not going to jail for A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y.

I have this on DVD and this part of the late Bernie Mac's sketch will always stick with me [@ 5 min and 50 seconds] that would be me. Trust!!!

Also what is the point as a dealer in Laos to plant drugs unknowingly on someone anyway? You got £20-60k worth of drugs on someone who has no idea of what to do with it or who to contact on the other end???

Listen if anyone knows more about this smuggling lark then please feel free to educate a sista on how it works cause I'm having a serious WTF & WTH moment here.

Now I'm not here writing about the conditions she's faced in prison and the poor treatment she's suffered in prison and the trial etc, but know this...when you decide you want to travel and venture to other places, make sure you respect the country, its people and their laws. Don't think you can have sex in a Muslim country on the beach because you have no home training or smuggle drugs in the Far East then bawl when you're hit with the death penalty.

I KNOW the Far East has VERY strict laws to do with drugs so when I went last year [and I travelled alone] I made sure I didn't even carry a damn Aspirin or Paracetamol tablet on me. If I had a headache, well it would just have to stay until I got to a Thai or Malaysian pharmacy. I'd rather have a headache from the long flight rather than them fling me in jail thinking I'm carrying some illegal substance and then have the British consulate and Amnesty International fighting my case for my freedom.

Right now I refuse to travel to certain Muslim countries because I don't want to dress a certain way. I respect their rights, laws, religion etc BY NOT VISITING. I wouldn't dare dream of going to Iran without my head covered. It's about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. And until I was in a position where I felt comfortable in going then I'd stay at home or go somewhere where Western 'attire' isn't so much frowned upon.

English people especially, have this disgusting attitude when going abroad that they can act any way they damn well please and that they are somehow above the law. So just because you maybe in a country so poor where you can buy women cheaper than a T-Shirt at Primark and stay at a top notch hotel for peanuts that these people won't fuck with your ass when they find you? Cause I'm telling you the Thai, Malay, Vietnamese will not show you any kind of mercy once you decide to bring some 'harmless' weed or cocaine into their country for personal use. Personal use, "it wasn't me", intent to supply, they don't care and will kill you for it. Drop some gum or spit on a street in Singapore and don't cry when a policeman beats you for it and throws you in prison. You CANNOT even bring gum into Singapore, even if your intentions are to dispose of it properly. An American Michael P Fay in 1994 decided he was going to spray paint in Singapore. His ass got lashed 4 times by the cane.

Don't think because you may come from a 1st world country that you are immediately protected and somehow 'above the little people.' Know the rules and laws of other peoples lands before you go to their country on vacation.

Father in heaven! I wouldn't even want to walk past 680g of Heroin in Laos let alone have it on me, because you know the 1 or 2 particles would blow on my clothes and the damn dog at the airport would be the one to sniff me out.

I really do hope that this girl is able to be released and come back to London. 20, pregnant and facing death. I'm in 2 minds. I don't want the girl to be executed by firing squad, of course I don't [that on one hand], but on the other [London, New York or Laos] Heroin has NEVER been legal you don't even need to know the damn Laos laws to know that just isn't the thing to be carrying on you, and if caught you will face the consequences dependant on where you are found committing the crime.

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  1. I missed this post. But damn I agree with you 100% because at the end of the damn day people just don't learn and need to be arrested with their no hearing, no understanding criminal deviant selves. You know the asian countries put people away for spitting gum out and you go buy a damn 12 pack of minty freshness to occupy your month while on holiday and then you forget where you are and spit that ish out and spend the next few months next to Abby from Sussex who was caught smuggling 500grams of heroin wondering how you got there. I will tell you how, you should have bought the damn chewable mints! same goes for stealing the damn mats, if those women were my friends and they put that bar mat in my bag SOMEBODY is coming in with me as a volunteer prisoner while the embassy works on both our cases.

    It pisses me off LDN because the Aussie woman had the nerve to come back and WARN other Australians on TV saying don't go to Thailand and I'm never eating Thai take away again. WTF?? Because you and your dumb friends did something out of order you feel you can be righteous and campaign against tourists going to their country or eating their food? msssccheeew they should have locked your ass in there for longer. No damn manners. People with no damn manners!

    Kookiekookiejar out...end of rant!


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