1 Jun 2009

Abortion Dr Murdered: I Am NOT Saddened By This.

Right now my hands are clammy, cause I am beyond vex at this story. No. Let me backtrack that. Not the story, but about the jumped up excuse of a man featured IN the story.

Dr George Tiller was a Christian and a murderer. People want to be saddened because he got shot at his church? Not me. I just don't give a fuck where he was shot could of been at the damn Wal-Mart for all I care, and whether it was by a gang member or the pro-life folks.

Murder/Killing whether legal [through abortion] or illegal means, is NOT my bag. It's just not. And although I don't feel one iota of sadness at his death, I'm not condoning the person that took him out either.

See dude, died the same way he LIVED. He took lives on a daily basis, and his life got taken at the hands of someone else. Karma or what? Isn't it a funny world we live in. To take the lives of children period, we are all horrified by, whether it be through war or on the streets. When it comes to that child being unborn and having their life taken, everyone wants to act like they don't see or hear anything and all of a sudden have no opinion on the matter. Well just because some women have had abortion experiences I'm not about to go on mute out of respect. What am I supposed to be respecting here? This subject is still very taboo and although I'm not a marching crazed person setting fire to abortion clinics, and never will be, I have an opinion on the matter. It's OK for some of you to be for it, but it's not OK for me or others to be against it? Spare me.

God is a forgiving God, but he's not a damn fool. Was this mutha effer in that damn church every Sunday asking the Lord to forgive him of his sins, to wash away the blood on his hands of the lives he's taken, and then to go straight back to the clinic on Monday morning and do it all over again? He must have thought the Lord was too busy dealing with your relationship problems, your finances, wars, famines, and global disasters to not notice his wrong doings. Or maybe he thought he was one of those Christians that only acted right during a service, flung $5 on a collection plate and felt like he did his bit for God and could act like a bastard Monday through Saturday.

If this man and what he did isn't making a mockery of religion and God then I don't know what is. Abortion may be legal in some countries, but Gods laws are above 'laws of the lands' and the last time I checked the commandments never said "Thou shalt not kill unless your name is Dr George Tiller."

See it wasn't until I read that the dude was a church goer that I flipped and had a WTF moment. How are you going to take lives for a living and try and serve God at the same time? At one point I wanted to join the Army, know what stopped me...the possibility of maybe having to kill a man, woman or child. Like I said that's not my bag. I have 1 round. Here on Earth. I have to remember, I have to stand before God and be held accountable for my actions.

Was this the only profession this man in the medical field could go into? What about being an OBGYN or specializing in being a doctor for pregnant women as a man of God? Could he not go into Third World countries as a missionary administering care for malnourished pregnant women and babies? I mean WTF Dr George Tiller. Seriously WTF.

This man probably thought he was bigger than God. I mean to do what he did and be a Christian is like laughing in God's face. Like "yeah I see what you're saying [God], but I'm gonna do it anyway." And who is the ultimate giver and taker of life? G.O.D. This man with his God like complex used his position to be a taker of life. Again thinking he's bigger than the Almighty.

Let me just pause and say. I don't give infinity hoots about who wants to get mad at what I'm writing here.

People must think that because you can't see a child, the value of that life is lesser than that of you or I because we're sitting here right now. As far as I'm concerned as soon as that sperm and egg meet, that's the doing of a higher power right there and from that point I'm calling it a life. People want to go into "well it's not living until x amount of weeks etc. "Shut up!!! I'm not going to start bullshit theories to justify my reasons of why a life should be terminated.

"It's just cells. It's not a baby."

Well we were all cells at one point, so was every great man in history to present day from Albert Einstein to President Obama dammit. If you were thought of nothing more than cells and not a life your asses wouldn't be here today. Sperm and egg meet, cells start dividing that's the creation of a new being already in development. For each and every one of you God has your birth and deaths written and any 'free will' intervention by man that takes that life before God is ready...well you know the 10 Commandments.

This doctor specialized in late term abortions. Don't even get me started. I've read into different methods many years back and it reinforced my PERSONAL decision to know that under ANY circumstances that would never be an option for ME. Everyone else can do as they please when it comes to their body, when I die I have to answer for MY actions.

How are he and the person that killed him any different?
Tiller has MORE blood on his hands that's for sure. There is no difference to me.

Some of my Tweets on Twitter from today. Some were replies but didn't list the person's name [for privacy].

This dude went to church? I have no sympathy. NONE! RT @cnn http://tinyurl.com/nvb937 Abortion doctor shot to death in Kansas

Kill unborn babies, then go sit in the house of the Lord like what?? Did that MF'er read the commandments or think he was somehow exempt?

I'm a Christian yet carry out Abortions for a living. GTFOHWTBS. And you're gonna tell God what at the Pearly Gates exactly? Don't be surprised if God tells you to "quit stuttering fool. I want an answer. Or did you think I was too busy with war n famine to notice your BS?"

I'm not condoning that Abortion Christian fool's murder, but I CAN see why they did it. Dead man + murderer =the same type of ppl in my book

Both had the intent to kill and carried it out with a clear conscious. No difference. He was lucky he had 67 years to walk the earth. He took gifts from God and disposed of em like trash.

God is forgiving. But he ain't a fool. Wouldn't be any different to a murdering gang member going to church on Sundays.

Thou shall not Kill. Unless he asked for forgiveness before he died, he doesn't get a pass from God on that.

you're asking that like it's the sole profession in the world. They have choices. There is always a choice. Especially for some1 in the medical field. I'd rather be a Christian doctor taking care of pregnant women than carrying out abortions. A choice right there. Maybe the $'s took precedence over morals for him. Cause I'm not getting it. But not all Christians are Christian-like so maybe he was one of the idiots that thought calling himself a Christian was enough in God's eyes.

No they don't ALL know when it's their time. I don't know the after life answers all I know is murder is a top ten Godly NO NO!

murder isn't God's work. It's the devils. If you don't repent then it's best to 'reside' with the master with whom u worked 4.

I'm gonna big myself up over that last quote right there. Before you wanna come hard at me about my post ask yourself was the Christian Tiller doing work for the devil or for the Lord?

No, no, no, no, no, don't act like you never saw my question. Answer it to yourself at least. Last time I checked:

1. Murder in all forms was one of the 10 Commandments.
2. Babies, children, us, we're all precious gifts from God.
3. Jesus is about love, not murder, death and torture. Which is what these unborn babies are put through.

There are some people on this planet who will
1. Fight hard in the corner for a dog or a cat's survival before an unborn child.
2. Come down hard on people who take their own lives saying it's wrong, but overlook the profession of this man taking lives.
3. Do all they can in their power to justify or lessen his actions, like it wasn't such a big deal.

So I check my Blackberry's Twitter application and see some tweet about "it was sad because he was doing his job."

I can't even reply to that mess cause my reply won't be polite and I can't fit it into 140 characters. Funny how people wanna quote Bible verse and God on Twitter but when it comes to this man wanna act like (a) it's not karma and (b) mask murder as a job, like it's gonna lessen the blow with God.

Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

Where is your Bible verse, about thou shall not kill? Funny how people wanna quote Bible when it suits them, or to try and justify their BS opinion. Don't mask murder with the term job, call it what it is. Don't just READ the story about this man being shot. Read up on how late-term abortions are carried out. This ain't no damn Pulp Fiction with Samuel L Jackson quoting a bible verse before carrying out an execution as a hit man [doing his job]. Quoting the bible and calling yourself a Christian doesn't excuse the fact that you're a murdering bastard.

REMEMBER: even the devil can quote scriptures too. The man was working for Lucifer. Every dead baby was joy to the devil and sadness to God. He served one master, and donned his two face pretending to serve another. He even looks evil in those damn bifocals.

It's people like this that give Christianity a BAD name. He's no different to this nasty Catholic priests abusing children, and claiming they are doing it in the name of Jesus. Which bible verse did Jesus play with little boys? Cause you CALL it in the name of Jesus. Don't mek it so!

If I'm gonna be disgusted at the death/abuse of children, then let me be disgusted for the ones who didn't get a chance to take a breath by themselves, say a word, or walk a step. Let me not be SELECTIVE in my disgust for murder. If I'm going to shake my head at a murderer on the street, let me not be SELECTIVE in my disgust for the ones with letters after their name [and that goes for the ones who assist in euthanasia suicides]. To me I find it MORE disturbing that this man got up every morning and went to work doing what he did and being able to sleep every night.

Kill for a living. Kill for kicks. God doesn't care. He told you not to do it under any circumstances.


  1. wow, very strong post. but remember not everyone believes the same thing you do, or in the same way. I'm very strongly pro-choice. Granted not late term abortions but that doesn't mean i don't wince at someone feeling that the best way to get their point across is to kill the person you disagree with. And no that's not the equivalent of the doctor "killing babies". The equivalent would be the doctor killing everyone else who doesn't believe in what he believed in. So killing you. Even if say we had a triple homicide criminal on our hands. You say give him death sentence and I say set him free to rehabilitate. We don't settle our differences by you picking up a gun and shooting me. Come on. That is NOT a Christian way. Judgement is the Lord's and the Lord's only. Our only task is to love one another just like Christ loved the Church and obey His commandments, seeking His face in all We do. That's it. I really don't think God needs a peanut gallery.

    Love the Lord. Praise the Lord. Pray to Him and pray about others to Him. God's message is of love, and I don't think He delights in the perishing of any of His children, ESPECIALLY if that Child was a lost one. Think about it.


  2. omg!i just blogged about this couple minutes ago!

  3. @Kemi I don't think you read or even understood my blog AT ALL, because your comment makes no sense to me what so ever!

    Where did I talk about killing in order to settle differences?

    Please read my blog thoroughly. You took things out of context that weren't even in the blog.

    In reference to the peanut gallery. WTF?? Is that what you think this is? God has plenty of representatives speaking on behalf of him from blogs to church. So whether or not you think God needs a 'peanut gallery' as you put it, is neither here nor there. God does not have a problem with me speaking my mind on moral or immoral issues. How I want to talk about My God is my business.

    People wanna talk about "love the lord, BUT...I'm not in favour of late-term abortions but everything else is fair game." Killing the doctor in the church and killing babies, is the SAME DAMN THING. A life has been taken. What's the difference between a baby being killed inside the womb and outside the womb? Does it not feel pain? Is it not a living being? A creation of God?

    God never put down any specifications as to Thou shall not kill. He never said don't shoot or stab a man, but unborn babies are fine? Shit, people always trying it with the biblical loopholes to suit them and their warped ways of thinking.

    Intent to kill, is intent to kill as far as I'm concerned I don't care whether it's 26 weeks past gestation or a 67 year old man. Tiller and Tiller's murderer are going to have to stand before GOD and make themselves accountable for their actions. Tiller does NOT get a pass from God irrespective of what stupid passes and rules us mere mortals want to take out of context in the bible for our own benefit to make us sleep better at night.

    That's the damn problem with folks today, trying to make their own rules and be their own God.

    I'm not down for part-time/minded Christian view points where people wanna be for and against murder where the difference is one murder is shielded by a womb therefore in your eyes making it less of an issue. It doesn't.

    Someone said something once that I'll always remember. If wombs were transparent how many people would think twice before aborting?

    That's why abortion doesn't mean shit to many folks, cause you cant and don't have to see the aftermath like you would a slain body in the street.

    @Pink-satin going over to check out your blog now.

    Lord give me some SERIOUS strength!!!

    I wish people would read what I write PROPERLY!

  4. I'm with LondonDiva on this one. I AM NOT pro-choice, never have been and never will be. I had 2 children by 21. I could have had abortions to save face for my parents. My dad is a Pastor for crying out loud. I have always had a deep conviction that abortion is wrong. To this end, I researched it thoroughly. The pictures and images I have seen were so repulsive, even my OH has realised that it is not a good thing.

    My stance now though is that if you want to kill your unborn child because it's not convenient, then that's your perogative. The people who have tried to harm me and my family are the messed up women, who never came to terms with their abortions and tried to split up my family because I had made the decision to keep my children. Do you not know that there are children that survive abortions, that in the early stages they chemically burn them to death, or crush them to death with suction methods? There is a genocide being perpetrated against the unborn child and no-one is speaking up.

    As far as I'm concerned, if you want to kill your child because it's not convenient that's your choice. Fertility is not a God-given right, it's a gift. If you don't understand how precious life is then that's your loss. We are all miracles in our own right. We are here because the STRONGEST sperm was able to fertilise the egg that eventually became US.

    I don't condone this man's killing but I thank God that he will never be able to perform a late-term abortion again.

    I could sit here and quote the Bible but the devil knows how to do that too and let'sface it, many a crime has been committed in the name of God too, so I won't.

  5. Femme-Tech thanks for sharing your story, I really appreciate that. And YES I have researched this many years back about the different methods and know that some babies survive abortion and are harmed in the process. Looking at photos and reading up on different methods are not for the faint hearted, but if you're going to talk about it, you should know about it. I'm not sure if we're on the same page but it maybe the salt solution which is carried out by a huge needle through the mother's stomach that chemically burns.

    It's amazing at the amount of people that get so angry at deaths of babies only AFTER they are born.

  6. I do not consider myself religious but I do agree with you. Very well worth reading post.

  7. LondonDiva - hey your blog your way. I don't think I insulted you on the way to making my point and if i did inadvertently (sp?) then I apologize for that. I appreciate you feel the way you feel about abortion.

    About God, let me go around and say what I was saying in a different way. What I was trying to get at is that God does not rejoice in loosing any of his children, neither Tiller nor his murderer. He is not happy to see any of us do wrong or perish. I hope you agree with me there. I'm not happy to see Tiller die without perhaps (according to your belief) making peace with God, or to see his murderer allow the devil to take advantage of him. It's a sad situation. It's sad. I don't think Jesus is happy to see it happen, do you? That's all I'm saying.

    Whether that makes me a part time Christian in your eyes is unfortunate. But people out there are my sisters and my brothers. Every single one of them and honestly, I love them dearly. Whether you think so or not or whether the way I love them is imperfect or incomplete in your eyes, my heart is honest at least. You make mistakes, I make mistakes, we are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. If I can be honest with you, it's not the opinion you shared that made me comment but the fact that your post was very angry and violent. Sometimes the devil can even use us to cloud what we are trying to say.

    Ah well. Let me not continue as I feel maybe I'd just be upsetting you more. If anything I pray God shows himself more to me on this issue, and more to you on this issue as well. That can't be a bad thing to pray for, abi? :-)


  8. As always I'm a big fan of your writing, but have to respectfully disagree with you.

    I'm am strictly pro choice. Nobody can tell me what I can and cannot do with my body. And will not presume to know what is right for others. I also know that up to a certain point (I'd have to research for exact details to be accurate) that ball of cells, blastocyst, fetus etc is part of MY body because it cannot exist without being part of my body. So I have the right to decide what happens to it. That's not a responsibility that I take lightly by any means, but it is my responsibility.

    Late term abortions however, sicken me completely, because that is a child which after 24 weeks (i think) is fully capable of surviving in the world. It's heart beats, it's lungs are formed and can work, it's organs are formed, brain included, it feels pain, it can see. That is murder of an innocent.

    I guess the main difference between pro-choicers and pro-lifers is the belief of when life starts. At conception? At first heart beat? At first movement? And there are reasonable arguments for each choice.

    I am also wary when people quote the bible to justify aspects of their morality. If you believe something is wrong, great, and maybe it is as a result of your christian upbringing/ beliefs. But the bible is full of rules. Many of which are ignored under the guise of 'interpretation'. Even one of the basics such as 'thou shalt not kill' can be overturned in particular situations (please bear in mind that I am not saying that this situation is one of them).

    Not quite sure how to end this minor essay - just putting my views out there I guess.

    Keep writing, I love this blog

  9. how come no one considers it a 'choice' that your exercising when you kill your own baby after its 2 days old? or 6 months or 6 years? as much as i hear people saying'its my choice its my choice' i think 'choice' is only properly used when it ONLY affects you. if it involves one more person then we shldnt leave it to choice anymore. better to argue that its not a human being than argue that its ur choice to kill another person

  10. @Mojoyin, I'm in the same mindset as you. If you murdered a newborn you're a sick son of a bitch, but before birth it's your choice and a whole heap of sympanthy is thrown upon you.

    TO ME inside the womb outside the womb, same outcome. A dead baby as a result of a pre-planned death.


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