1 Jun 2009

In Case You MISSED The Friggin Point:!

I wasn't even going to post my stance on all this Pro-Life/Pro-Choice ish cause...well everyone's opinion is their own. And I for one am quite comfortable without EXPRESSING to the world my views on everything from organic eggs, to gay marriage, to abortion.

To save me 'typing minutes' I feel I should clarify, for those who decide to:

1. Skim through the blog and NOT READ the words typed.
2. Take it entirely out of context, to the point where you have ME having a WTF are you talking about moment.

Let this be your reference point:

By me saying I am not saddened by that pricks death, is NOT equal to me saying that Tiller's murderer did the right thing in my eyes. [Re-read this one more time just so you get it].

Did you read me saying "way to go Tiller's murderer!!!!" and hi-fiving him in a Borat voice? Cause I'm a bold bitch, if I wanted to say that, that would have been the heading. Trussssst!! I don't sugarcoat nothing.

I P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.L.Y. for me ME. For MY body, because of MY conscious and MY OWN P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L. relationship with God, abortion is NOT for me.

Therefore......every other woman on this planet is going to do what she wants to do with her body and her child whether little ol LondonDiva likes it or not. That is YOUR business women.

My choice. My opinion still stands. FOR ME!!! I'm not going to condemn women that have had abortions [I'll honestly won't like it, just know please don't come round my house for a cup of tea n biscuits and a chat about it, cause hand on heart I'll find it very hard to hug you and do the "there there" back rub]. But you know something YOU have to stand accountable for your actions, and I'm talking EVERY action in life before God [if you believe] and well, if you don't,.... well I hope it works out for you on the other side [if you believe in that too].

Are any of you getting me right now? Nod your head if you feel me clarifying my point.

I don't like the idea of abortion. It will NEVER be for me, and I have thought about it in EVERY scenario, the 2 worst being rape and death if I don't abort. I've "what would you do if...." so many times over the years. I'd like to think I know me well enough to know my mindset and what I'd do in real life and very realistic situations. And from what I don't know I'd have to ask myself about God and purpose and make sure I have a ton of faith, because I am very strong in my no stance with regard to this. I really am.

In the same breath I'm not a supporter of those effin nutcases burning buildings, waving banners and taking lives. It makes a mockery of their whole cause. Like I ALSO said before. It's not right. But I can see why they do it, and why Tiller's murderer did what he did [again not condoning]. The same way I can see why gang killing retaliation happens, not right, but can see why they did it. For these people they are passionate about their cause. The same way others maybe passionate about animals [give me strength! Dutty dawg up in di bed! Have mercy!!]. And overly passionate people border on the criminally insane.

My POINT of the blog was this....

TO ME, and I'm sure to God, a killer is a killer. Tiller and his murderer are one in the same to me. They are no different. Remember folks, going to church doesn't make me any more a Christian than you sitting in your garage and calling yourself a car [Joyce Meyer quote and so true] The repercussions of actions are different ON EARTH as Tiller would NEVER be held accountable for all of the deaths [and let's just call them what they are, deaths. Lives were taken. Heartbeats ceased]. Tiller's murderer will be held accountable in a court of law, because it is against the law, but Tiller doesn't get that pass when he has to stand accountable as a Christian [unless his last moments in church were about forgiveness of all of his sins] to God. What do you think God says

To Tiller: "OK you're in, you were a doctor. Check. Had letters after your name. Check. You attended church every Sunday. Check. Alright buddy you get a pass, you were just doing your job."

To Tiller's Murderer "You. Your murdering type we don't allow in here? Lucifer we got another one coming your way dawg."

If anyone thinks my blog was about me giving a high five to the Pro-Life folks then you're sorely mistaken. No one gets a pat on the back from me for their wrong doings. Tiller and his killer when they did what they did, were doing the devil's work.

**in my Chris Rock voice** "Did ya see Jesus take 5 loaves, and 2 fishes, turn water into Patron, feed the 5,000, then head into downtown Jerusalem to carry out back street abortions? Did ya? Well did ya?"

Christian = Christ like. Somebody fling me at least 3 bible chapters n verses of Jesus taking somebody out. I thought he healed the sick, and fed the hungry? Who has the St. Pookie NIV version of the bible cause I dun lost mine!

I don't think Hay-Seus [Jesus] would be performing any damn abortions. And you know damn well he wouldn't be. So stop trying to justify this man's profession. I'm sorry [I'm not. I say that as a figure of speech] I think you're an idiot [tame word for me] if you think his profession was right, just and OK.

My POINT was I REFUSE to sit here and find one man accountable and wrong for killing one man, compared to one who labelled himself a Christian and murdered so many more than his own assassin.

They are no different to me.

That was my point.

And if you still don't get it....

I really mean it when I say "Jesus help you."

People were outraged at the hypocrisy of the Pro-Lifer murdering a murderer. I was more outraged at a murderer calling himself a Christian. To me that stank of even more hypocrisy. And people still defending that nucca like he was aiiiiiight in what he was doing. **rolls eyes**

I'm gonna tell it straight, some of y'all wanna quote chapter n verse when it suits you to make or hide behind an issue. They just shoot out your mouths....like Biggie lyrics in da club "And the Lord said......" "And Jesus said......" CNN news re: Tiller "Oh he was just dong his job."

Let me stop before I get all Paul Mooney up in here.

Abortion is a touchy subject, that I refuse to NOT touch on. We can be so vocal and graphic on some things in 2009 and so taboo on others. I don't 'do' taboo dahhlings! But if you do, then this lil blog on the Internet may not be for you.


  1. yep... a killer is a killer...... just like a little lie and a big lie are both sins....God isnt going to discriminate or separate on judgement day....
    personally, i feel no sympathy for the dead guy..... he who kills by the sword, dies by the sword!

  2. At least someone gets what I was trying to say.

    ITA 100%

  3. I understand where you are coming from. What happened to Dr. Tiller was indeed wrong, but at the same time what he did (in terms of performing late term abortions) was wrong also (he apparently was unreprentant about it too)! People don't like hearing this, but we all do reap what we sow.

  4. thank you SO MUCH for this! i was starting to think i was the only one who saw a problem with the abortion doctor calling himself a christian. thank you for pointint out the obvious! and thank you for saying 2 wrongs dont make a right.

    truth is when i heard of his death all i thot was...'those who live by the sword..."


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