20 Aug 2009

If You Don't Like Dogs, Then Why Would You Want One?


Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, reality TV, a talk show I'm beyond tired in my 30 years of hearing you single miserable heifers talking about....scratch that....ranting about "I can't get a man/good man"

**Let's pour a lil liquor for your lost selves**

I've harped on about the relationship threads before [check the 'relationships' label] so you know my stance on them and a woman's attitude [or let me say my attitude as I can't speak for an entire gender] on the matter.
What the hell are you expecting to attract if you believe that "all men are dogs" mantra? If you don't believe there are any good men out there, then like a dutty dawg you're simply going to be picking up fleas. You'll lay with and settle for anything that comes along just to say "I have somebody." Being single to me is not that serious. And yes I do want to be married and have children one day with a passion, but I'm patient about it all and can wait. I wish more people embraced being single so when you do find the one you can call The One, then you're ready with open arms to be in a relationship with that person for the right reasons and it won't be about fulfilling a need or a desire to erase any loneliness that you maybe feeling.

Someone on Twitter said last week that she wishes people would stop acting as though being single was a damn disease. If you're not afraid to embrace it then that is just an important part of your adult development as is being in relationships. You can learn from and enjoy both.

Back to the point. I'm not an animal lover, especially dogs. And as I don't like dogs, there is no way I am going get one as a pet and have it shitting everywhere. So why do some of you have the same mentality where you cast aspersions on the male species, call them dogs before you'd ever think of them in a positive light, yet be so desperate for one? To pick another bad thorn amongst the many roses, and like an untrained dog have them shit all over your life, then as a result AGAIN have YOUR bad choice tarnish the name of the good men out there?

THE FACT IS THIS: Like I said in my Facebook status last night, there are some AMAZING men out there. And if there weren't, some of you wouldn't be dating to or married to those men. AND NOT ALL OF THE GOOD ONES ARE NOT TAKEN. I've never uttered nor believed that ALL men are dogs, and never said it out of frustration of a relationship never working out. I like to think I'm a very good judge of character. I may not always get it right, but I'd like to say I'm pretty spot on. If you keep picking up dogs then at some point it's not about THOSE men, it starts to become about YOU being the problem. Start taking accountability for your actions on who you let in your life, then eventually in your bed. Hold up.....what am I thinking, this is 2009 that should be probably in your bed, then in your life, because you know how 'liberated' *sarcastic tone* women are these days to not even want to deal with an emotional connection and lay down quickly with a dude hoping that will be enough. **shakes head** Men are different when it comes to sex. Stop thinking you can trap and keep them with pussy tactics. It doesn't work. He'll only stick around if he's into you IN THE EMOTIONAL SENSE, he can get what you're giving him physically from practically anywhere.

So it's all well and good to date man after man, have them 'dog' you, then call him another dog, but when do you start to become the idiot bitch [in the dog sense] dating the dogs? how can you get mad at him, when you keep picking types like him??

Aside from all of that, if you have no faith and believe all men are dogs, then every man that you come across will not be a great fit for you. Like attracts like!! Think of it like a universal invisible magnet. And when the most decent man approaches you...sista you won't even have a clue, as you're in the totally WRONG mindset to even accept a man being polite with a simple hello. I've seen some of you idiots in action. Thinking it's cute when a man whistles at you from a car. Negro you HAVE TO APPROACH ME LIKE A GENTLEMAN. I don't even look or cuss in the direction of those men AS THEY COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CALLING ME LIKE THAT! If you can step to me with manners I have time for you. If I get 5 years of cat calling, then guess what I go 5 years of not dating, because I AM NOT ABOUT TO SETTLE.

There's not a damn thing wrong with wanting a long term boyfriend, who could potentially become a husband [of course do not be spouting that out from Day 1 continuously], but don't settle with just anyone because they bought you a drink, smiled and told you you looked beautiful that night into thinking that he's a keeper. Can you please work at getting to know him, and him getting to know you? Can you wait before you drop the panties to see if he's shown you in anyway that he's worthy of a thong being dropped for and some bad hair come the morning. If he wants you he'll take you in ANY WAY he can and be satisfied before you get physically intimate. Shoot, you get in quickly and all excited sometimes and overlook so much IN THE HOPE OF....and when you realise he wasn't all that to begin with then he's a dog. Nah sweetie this particular dude may have ALWAYS been a dog but they all aren't. Maybe you were the idiot seeing things that weren't there in the first place and overlooked a ton of signs that said he had no intention of being anything more than just a friend with benefits to you.

There are good men and bad men. The same with women. But stop the foolishness about "all men ain't shit" or "all men are dogs." To me after a while that's the equivalent of a cover up for your bad judgement and screw ups where you have never known how to pick a decent man.
I've seen some of you rolling your eyes and neck at a dude who greeted you nicely but flocked to the "Yo whassup ma" brother chewing a damn cocktail stick **shaking my damn head** Then you have the nerve to get mad after hooking up and are now chasing him for child support payments. PLEASE!!!

Be careful which dogs you lay down with. You may wind up catching fleas, false promises, some STD's and some illegitimate children along the way all with different last names.

I guess getting back into my regular blogging stance wasn't so difficult after all.


  1. Virtual hi-five girl!! Amen...you said it all..m just sick n tired with it all, talk shows/blogs/girl talk about all men are dogs/players..women please!!This post was the truth!!

  2. Preach girl. I've missed your blogs.

    Isn't it funny that the same girls who cry about I can't get a man are the same ones that behave in such a way that no (good) man would want them!

  3. I always find it's the women or should I say girls with no common sense who'd believe in such a mantra. Of course no good man would want them. If he's in a good place and she's in total "I can't stand your ass but I'll put up with you for the sake of having a man" mode then nope, he definitely not even going to be on the same page as them. Let alone a dinner date.


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