20 Aug 2009

I'm Just So Into You [And It Shows] Black Love

I'm a die hard romantic I love how these black men are so into their women and never afraid to show it.

Ummm no T.I. and Tiny pics here...sorry

I know there are a ton of other black celebs that are happily married/together but these 3 just can't seem to keep their hands off of each other.

I swear sometimes from the body language I'm convinced that Bey and Jigga aren't even married [even though I know they are].


  1. God is love and when you put him first this what you get. guess what sister I love you. smile.

  2. Wow that is so true about Beyonce and Jay-Z- you know she won some award on the BET awards and they had an awkward kiss on the cheek (almost on the mouth moment) ha ha ha- great post- I love that look too


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