27 Aug 2009

In The UK, But Want To Watch TV On US Blocked Websites?

If you're a TV junkie and want to watch some TV shows and movies on US sites which are blocked in the UK like the US MTV site, Hulu.com, NBC, ABC etc then there's a handy lil gadget you can download to your PC.

I've had no problems with this and when I want to watch Hulu.com I simply switch it on [I never have it running on start up] first log on to the site and it give me a US IP address, and hey presto you're watching your fave US TV shows.

It's called Hotspot Shield you can download it here. Thank goodness I don't have this problem when I want to catch up with all the good crap on BET.com.


  1. ameeeeeeeeeeennn!!

    thanks for d hint!

  2. You're welcome ladies. So far I've been enjoying Season 4 [and soon to be 5] of The Hills on MTV.com [which is blocked when it comes to viewing shows in the UK], I don't have SKY or any of those paid for digital subscriptions so I'm more than happy with Hotspot Shield.

    Glad to have been of help. Time for Season 4 Episode 5 now, whilst preppin my hair for a treatment!!

    Team Lauren!!!


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