27 Aug 2009

She Had To Have It - Maxi Dresses on eBay

Whatever height I am, whether it's 5'8 or 5'9 I'm not exactly sure, for a woman and judging by clothing standards I'm pretty tall. When it comes to dresses, it's either ultra short of ultra long. I do not do that in between length unless it's a 'occasion dress,' so when I found a seller on eBay who sold maxi dresses [which I love] specifically for tall women I was in heaven. So far I have 2 from this seller, one in black the other in a pale blue print and have my eye on the white dress and brown dress. [pictured]. They are very reputable have 100% feedback and their shipping is fast [they are UK based].

No zips, or buttons, what you see is what you get with these dresses. The whole top part is comfortably elasticated at the top which means whether you are a size 8 - 16 it will fit. No restrictions, no tight spots or figure hugging areas on the dress just slip it on and go, and it stays on. What I love about them as well it they practically hit the floor, so even when worn with 4 inch heels it's still pretty long.

So over the years whether you lose a bit of weight or gain it, it's one dress you'll have no problem getting into in the summertime.

The seller on eBay can be found here


  1. i love maxi dresses. i use it as myIm too lazy to dress up and still wanna look cute dress :)

  2. I'm always in search for the ultimate jeans and maxi dress!

  3. Oooh Maxi dresses and in this style LDN Diva you just saved my summer wardrobe and me from looking a hot mess courtesy of Australian fashion.

  4. I gave up on my search for the ultimate maxi dress and just had some made in Ghana. I'll show you some pics. My most recent is super long

  5. I just checked out the ebay seller and added them to my faves. I love what they have!

  6. Special K's Maxi Dress was STUNNING FOLKS!!!

    Maxi dresses till the day I die will always be a summer staple of mine it seems.

  7. Aww, thanks LD.

    I wore that blue one out to a friend's birthday dinner and got lots of compliments. Had to wear some 4 inch heels so it didn't trail on the floor. I'm definitely going to get some ordered to sell!


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