26 Aug 2009

Thoughts of the Day

  • I wish people knew how to use voicemail. If you call my house, then my mobile, and then my mobile again either (a) I don't want to talk to you, (b) I'm unavailable. LEAVE A MESSAGE. Don't do the same thing on Monday and then Tuesday.
  • I've had a 'can't be bothered' attitude for about 3-4 weeks now. Feel like I haven't done shit in a long ass time.
  • I shouldn't have to ask for my money back. I don't lend people money, this was due to a refund for the Michael Jackson tickets, but please, after I booked em, gave you the 50% of the tickets, processed the refund, then 6 weeks later for me to ask "where is the refund?" is ridiculous.
  • I still don't lend people money, I'd rather you just have it, but you'd have to be very, very, very close to me in order for me to even want to say "here just have it." Causes too many damn problems trying to get what's yours back. I don't lend A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G out. I'm not mean. I'm sensible. It keeps my blood pressure to a minimum.
  • The only thing going well right about now is my weight gain. Still don't trust those digital scales though.
  • Miss Understood.
  • I'm going to shut down my Fotki account. People still e-mail me asking me for the password and questions advice on haircare. I really have not and cannot be bothered...hey at least I'm honest.
  • I put Beverley Hills Chihuahua on my HIGH priority list to send me out next for my DVD rental, do you think one of the 3 DVD's coming to me tomorrow is about a prissy, diva talking dog??? The hell it is NOT!
  • What is it going to take to get me 'back to normal'?
  • Tired of being tired. How much sleep can one person have in a 24 hr period?
  • I feel the only person that 'gets me' is a 7yr old. And no it's not my imaginary friend.
  • Don't assume....ASK!
  • I'm addicted to Subway.
  • What's the point of addressing something/someone in the hope of feeling better and getting it out of your system, only to feel ten times worse for doing it? There is none. Listen to your gut. Shut up. Try and sleep it off.
  • Why did my cousin give up smoking when pregnant, and now her daughter is a matter of weeks old she's breastfeeding and smoking? I am not surprised though, wouldn't expect anything less from her.
  • The problem is not necessarily having the problem within yourself. It's when you don't address it and refuse to do anything about it. That is the bigger problem.
  • I have computer rage right about now. How many times do I have to reboot this thing?
  • Aww well...."like attracts like" If I'm having a shitty day, then shitty things will follow I suppose.
  • I woke up in the not so greatest of moods, went for a 3.6 mile walk (thanks Google Maps for the accuracy), listened to my Ipod which usually makes me feel better. I didn't. Was worried about the amount of weight I'd lose on this long walk on an empty stomach so made sure I ate 3 Auntie Anne's pretzels on the walk back home which was a total of 1220 calories.
  • I broke my walking on the street and eating rule. But today I really didn't care. It was hardly fried chicken, jerk pork or pizza, that I see a ton of people doing. Plus 3.6 miles walking on an empty stomach whilst trying to gain weight...PLEASE.
  • My legs were so tired so I came home and slept through Family Guy [again]....that's all I seem to bloody do.
  • I shouldn't wish for it and don't want it [again] but I'd rather have PCOS than PMS.
  • Speaking of PCOS, why do I know so many women that have it over ones that don't, and doctors claim it's only 10% of women that suffer from it...yeah whatever!!!
  • My goal of finishing my book by the end of 2009 may not happen. I can try, but......well we'll see.
  • Don't ask me what the above is about. Not yet anyway.
  • Haven't yet decided if Rihanna has a great sense of style, or a great stylist.
  • Beyonce has neither. This girl cannot dress for shit.
  • Mariah can only get it right about once a year.
  • Tired of white kids dying from a drug overdose in a club and them making the news like they died for some worthy cause. When it's black folks, we're junkies or crackheads. They were a good girl with a promising future ahead of her, and not into this lifestyle says the delusional white mother and father.
  • The word swag doesn't bother me at all, but 'epic fail' certainly does.
  • Now if you could put a picture to word swag of someone who I think epitomises that I would definitely have to say Jay-Z. Nothing about the money, but I can definitely see why Beyonce married him.
  • Why does she look more like his #1 groupie than his wife?
  • The more I see them together, the more I like Nick & Mariah as a couple.
  • After my online class I'm gonna watch Tiny & Toya dammit.
  • I can't stand Toya, no one cares you were married to the Critter aka Lil Wayne. We didn't even know before the show. And no one wants to read your non juicy book either. You've been divorced for 300 years get over it.
  • I do like Tiny though. I may not understand what she says half the time, but she seems cool.
  • Shame on T.I. for being another controlling bastard, even from behind a prison cell. I hope Tiny does get back to work and does something for herself other than being another black woman to a black man keeping her interested with not 1 but 2 engagement rings.
  • Yes I'm 3 years late, watched Stomp The Yard [in full] the other day and enjoyed it. A LOT!
  • Is Gerard Butler the new Russell Crowe...Let's hope so. Like Nicole Kidman anything with Crowe in it you have to FORCE me to watch.
  • Is there a black movie out there, without Meagan Good? So glad her ass got tore up in Saw 5. One of my favourite parts.
  • I really want to take that Hip-Hop dance class, but if I'm feeling lazy now is not the right time to be thinking about getting hella active.
  • How hard is it in London to find somewhere to get your nose pierced? Still in 2 minds about getting the belly button done though.
  • Had my nose pierced when I was 18 then went to work in the corporate world. Didn't feel it was appropriate. No longer in the corporate world...appropriate!
  • So no more Big Brother......[I'm a little saddened by this], but if they keep making trash like Charm School etc I'll be alright.
  • Hungry, and not a clue of what I want to eat...Subway maybe???
  • I don't care what anyone says that South African 'girl' is a dude. And if it's a girl then she's definitely into girls. The one from the world championships. *Shudders* I'll post pics in another blog post.
  • There is one girl on Twitter who cracks me up. Funnily enuogh she reminds me of myself. Jamaican fam and her birthday is a day after mine...not surprised. She definitely keeps it real.
  • Love Twitter, hate Myspace, thinking about closing my Facebook account.
  • My mood has lightened by 0.01% since writing this blog. *Note to self* do NOT call my mother until I've eaten again, as she may set me back 1,000 steps and send me to the damn asylum.


  1. I cosign the closing of facebook!

    Toya, Toya, Toya...smh

    what online class are you doing? (geez Im nosey ;-))

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