27 Aug 2009

MJ Is The New Elvis!!

Conspiracies are rife. I just logged on the Innnnernet, and saw this video of what claims to be Michael Jackson coming out of the back of a coroners van.

"A video posted on the internet claiming to show Michael Jackson stepping out of a coroner's van has stoked conspiracy theories that the King Of Pop is still alive.

The shaky, hand-held footage taken in a darkened underground car park sees a man climbing out of an ambulance.

There is no suggestion that the clip is genuine, and the man's face is completely obscured. Even the number plate of the ambulance cannot be seen.

Conspiracy theorists, however, are likely to jump on the video and claim that it is proof that Jackson's death was faked.

The person who posted the 29-second clip to the video-sharing website LiveLeak said the footage had come from a 'trustworthy source' but refuses to name who it is.

Conspiracy theories are rife on the internet, with many claiming that their moon landings were faked, the September 11th attacks were staged and that President Obama is not a US citizen.

The LA coroner confirmed Jackson had lethal levels of propofol in his body when he died in June at the age of 50"

You can't see much except a thin MJ like frame pale face, which wasn't even clear and a shoulder length black wig.

Faking your death is illegal and if caught you will be imprisoned for it.

Secondly who the hell rides in the back of a coroner's van, hops out and goes through a secret entrance.

Also who just lies in wait with a video camera/cell phone waiting to film it?

There are 2 possible answers to this video:

1. It is indeed Michael Jackson and he did fake his own death.

or the more realistic...

2. This whole video was planned and orchestrated with an MJ lookalike, setup to be filmed and sold to the media worldwide for money and attention.

What do you think?

I think #2. but personally I hope it's him and he is alive...could you imagine the global frenzy shoot I'd have 10 packets of popcorn beside me watching this whole mess go down on every news channel. Only because outside of my life I like to watch a lil drama, and there needs to be a dead celebrity who is in fact alive..please in my lifetime let it happen...just the once!! But seriously when you're the most odd looking and most famous man on the planet, where are you going to hide out? Ummm is he going to undergo reconstructive surgery to disguise his look for the 14th time?

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