18 Nov 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • At 8:32am is it too early to even have so many thoughts of the day already.
  • Went to sleep just after 5pm woke up just after 5am....jet lag or just overly tired???
  • How long is jet lag supposed to last for anyway?
  • You ever get the feeling when you're tired of fearing/putting off things and just want to say to hell with it, bite the bullet and do it anyway??? Yep, at that point. 
  • Whether the outcome is good/bad just gonna do it anyway.
  • Regardless of the weather today, I'm getting out of the house....need to.
  • Going to look into some 'extra-curricular' activities.
  • Going back to work for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only...1. To pay off the last of my debts and 2. To save some money.
  • Certain people don't annoy me as much as they used to. Let them be them, I'm going to continue being me.
  • Wondering if I've compromised being 100% myself in any way shape or form (not for the better) recently.  Need to think about that one deeply and seriously.
  • I haven't spoken to a friend since I was 18 years old. Got in contact with her on Facebook, this morning she accepted my friend request. She sent me a message which I'm too chicken to read at the moment. I will, but later.
  • Back to the job thing, they want to see me for an interview (not mentioning any company names)...you know how the Internet works.
  • I'm de-junking anything and everything I don't need/use room by room in this house. I have this strange energy around me the moment and the more I get rid of the better I feel. I can't function with uneccessary crap around me.
  • The no cursing thing is going well.
  • Missing my baby. He may not think I listen all the time, but I take what he says on board, and to be honest a lot of it helps. He has his ways as do I, but bottom line is I thank God for having him in my life.
  • Why did my mother call me when I was sleeping and question why I hadn't unpacked my suitcase yet? I didn't have the time to tell her I am clearing out the house so why unpack and create more mess. She never has conversations for more than a minute on her cell phone, especially when calling from overseas.
  • Sometimes I call on Jesus, sometimes I call on God. It still confuses me. Regardless I'm sure he's listening.
  • For me and some of those around me things may not be 100% fine and dandy, but I feel totally at peace about the future...maybe because I prayed so hard about it and asked God to seriously make it not be an issue and work on it for me and them. Guess the peaceful feeling can be equated to that of faith. If I was to sit here worrying about it, probably means I have little to no faith that I've asked God to take care of it and believe that he will.
  • Rain and wind at 6am in London. I remember waking up a year ago to heavy rain in Koh Lanta at 6 in the morning and it was the best sight and sound ever. 
  • I don't like London, but I'll accept it for what it is, and appreciate it.
  • 3 weeks away did me the world of good. You get back here and everything that bothered you doesn't anymore. The banging outside early in the morning, the rude people, the crowds, the dull weather it's like whatever!!!
  • I got a ton of stuff to do today. I'm not going to over extert myself, but I'm not going to be lazy about it either.
  • One thing at a time. I'm surprised I managed to start clearing out one room and not do 2 or 3 like I used to do then get frustrated that nothing got done when I wanted it to be done. If it takes me a week to do one room then so be it. Not doing another one till that one is done.
  • My mind works over-time. If I got paid for thinking I'd be richer than Bill Gates.
  • I looked at some of the blogs I'm subscribed to. I REALLY DON'T give a rats arse about who's wearing Miu Miu, what the new colours are for this season, and who is dating who. I really don't!!
  • I love having a laptop as well as a desktop. It means on mornings like this I can catch up with I'm a celebrity from my bed.
  • I am BLESSED and really need to remember that! ALWAYS.
  • When you feel good on the inside, that's the hardest time to stick close to God like glue. When you feel like crap...BAM....everyone gets on their knees and prays. I don't want to be like that.
  • It's actually very easy to be the bigger person and to admit to being wrong and sorry. Wish I'd known about that a few decades ago, but hey...you literally live and you learn.
  • Katie Price better not turn over a new leaf in the jungle and have me feeling sorry/sympathy towards her. I'm a dedicated Team Andre supporter.
  • I mean seriously, how lovely is Peter Andre??? Does that woman know how many women would kill for a man, husband and father like Peter and she treated him like crap, and publicly at that.
  • So I hear 2012 ain't all that...seeing it anyway.
  • I really need to watch some films I've refused to see.  I could be missing out on some good movies or actually surprise myself at what I might like. I have The Duchess downstairs, that maybe one I'll start with rather than send it back.
  • Rev Run speaks a TON of sense. I'll take his wisdom over Deepak Chopra's anyday. Deepak is just long winded for my liking. I don't want to look up in a dictionary what you mean if you are trying to inspire me.
  • I have less than a month till the Miley Cyrus concert...It's for my cousin Ronni, not for me! I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy it though.
  • Today I had a strong desire to want to be in Thailand. Not Bangkok but back on that little island of Koh Lanta. I'll go back again. There's nothing from stopping that happening again.
  • I don't want to drop asleep at 5pm again today. I really don't. Jesus be a case of Red Bull and a packet of Pro Plus.
  • Ronni has her first football match today. I don't want to hear about any bruises because I am not ready for jail.
  • Rev Run said yesterday that a day without prayer is a boast to God. A boast that you can do just fine without him.
  • So the VAT goes back up to 17.5% Jan 1st 2010.  Nice!!
  • And the travel fares too. **rolls eyes** It's OK Mr Gubment tek it!! 
  • I'm not (and never) wait till the New Year to make changes. It Maybe Nov 18th but it feels like my New Year today. What's the point in waiting, tomorrow is never promised right.
  • When I came back from Dallas, had a New Mexico brochure sent to me (which I forgot I requested online).  Really want to got to NM **puts it on the list**
  • I got over one of my fears. I held an animal. A little Yorskshire Terrier puppy. She was so cute. I want one!!! Then we went back to another PetLand and saw another Yorkie puppy this one was crazy, running all over the place. I can't lie he scared me a little. Anyone that knows me, knows I am not an animal person. Never ever wanted a dog, but now that's all I can think about. I want that puppy dammit!!! And no I will not be dressing it up in clothes.
  • I found it funny when my friend said ever so clamly "It's been proven that dogs don't like being dressed up in clothes." I don't know if it was what she said or how she said it. I bet they paid a ton of money researching that dog don't like being dressed up.
  • It's time for a girly get together. Looks like I'll be organising it then. I swore I wouldn't do it as no one else does. But you know what...whatever!!! And this time I'm not gonna get mad at those that don't respond or act all fussy. You don't have a right to be when you're not doing the organising.
  • Mad for Reenie that her cuz brought her swine flu infected daughter to see her. Bang outta order!!
  • I think it's time I watch I'm A Celebrity from the bed, shower then get on with the rest of my day.
  • Ummm am I missing something, where is the spellcheck???


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  2. 'Never ever wanted a dog, but now that's all I can think about. I want that puppy dammit!!! And no I will not be dressing it up in clothes.'
    Girl is that YOU, LONDONDIVA writing this?!? *shock in my face, eyes & mouth wide open* Oh no!!Oh no!!! so m now alone in the two legs good and four legs bad club?!? You seriously want a puppy??If we do hang out promise not to bring the puppy with you coz I don't want to be converted!!
    Will you carry it in your bag?
    Will you call it some name like Prada or MuiMui?
    Seriously YOU WANT A PUPPY??

  3. I know...even I'm shocked at myself. I've always found certain animals cute just never had the desire to hold one or even want one. But when I held that liccle puppy OMG my heart melted. She was soooooo cute and little. No I wouldn't be one of those puppy carrying Paris Hilton types, and I'd call it Bella. Dunno what I'd call it if it was a boy puppy though. Probably little doggy. YES GIRL I WANT A PUPPY!!!

  4. Wow, long list. You sure caught my interest and this is my first time here. The Duchess is quite good as is 2012, in my opinion sha.

    Is Jordan back in the jungle again? I liked Pete.

    Oh well, no dogs for me e.v.e.r. LOL


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