3 Dec 2009

Every Woman Should Own A Golf Club!

Do you know how many people would kill for a beautiful wife, 2 beautiful children, a billion dollar fortune and then some?

You have it, and jeopardise what you have for some skank whores.

Some people DO NOT even realised how blessed they are. They don't. I wonder what his weak ass reason was. She gained weight from her pregnancies? She wasn't in the mood as much as she used to be?  His ego wasn't stroked as much or made to feel relevant or important enough to her? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter.  They are all excuses. It's TOTALLY irrelevant and never an excuse for infidelity.

Fuck Tiger! [I know a few have which is what got him in this mess in the first place]. I feel SO BAD for Elin and the children. The little girl going to school knowing that the whole world knows her parents business.

Disgusted is not even the word. Everyday it's some bullshit when it comes to men. The amount of times I've heard women say "no wonder women become lesbians."

Why get married? WHY? If you're going to act like a whoring singleton?

*SIGH* Another woman added to the list of many hurt by a man they thought would never disprespect, disappoint or humiliate them.

Elin just to let you know, the black pass has been revoked from Robin Thicke and it's now yours!!

Just a thought: I wonder if the sales of golf clubs are going to go up by women in relationships and married women? I would NOT be suprised.


  1. Tiger Wood was a surprise I must say, but men....I hope they work it out, he seems repentant but again, men...

  2. It's a shame he wasn't repentant after #1 of 20 sexual encounters with one of his too many women. They're always sorry when they get caught. He wasn't sorry when he took their number, text them, called them, met up with them...OMG he and men like him make my skin crawl. I don't need a golf club luckily cause I can see a weapon in everything. Even a Dec 09 issue of Vogue can cause a ton of damage if you use it correctly.


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