23 Nov 2009

Is Blatant Disrespect In Relationships Now The Bloody Norm?

I ask this because I was watching a few music videos earlier today and back to back in order that they came on were:

Chris Brown -Transform Ya
Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love
Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway

OK what have those songs got to do with the title of the blog I may hear you ask?

I wasn't really paying attention to the songs or videos, I was thinking about them as people. Chris Brown and his abusive relationship with Rihanna. Cheryl Cole and her footballer husband Ashley Cole cheating on her. And the rumours (which we all know are flipping true) about Fergie's husband Josh Duhamel cheating on her with a stripper and possibly more than one woman before they got married.

Is this all people do nowadays, beat you and cheat on you?

Fair enough they are celebrities, blah, blah, blah, but lets not get it twisted in 2009 with the amount of regular folks stepping out some way on their partners whether it be emotionally, physically or both. I mean anyone who follows secrettweets [which I have since unfollowed] on Twitter will see that plenty of this stuff goes on and around. Some are very proud of their extra curricular activities, others are totally ashamed.

Sometimes it really makes me wonder about people in relationships period. It really does. And even if you've never been cheated on, with stories of infidelity every day it's enough to make some people worry about it possibly happening to them down the line, and have you thinking "is anyone really that faithful or respectful of their unions anymore?"

My thing is this:
  • If you feel you cannot be faithful to your partner, then don't be with them. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. How about a phone call or conversation before you stick your dick in, hold hands, meet or kiss someone else?
  • Anything you cannot tell/hide from your partner when it comes to a member of the opposite sex who you happen to know...chances are you aren't acting right and you know it.
  • BEFORE you decide to take any kind of step with someone PLEASE get all your whoring, and your ego stroked by as many females possible before you enter that relationship.
It saves a lot of pain and heartache down the line.
    Don't even get me started on Alicia Keys. I can't even look at her anymore. What's her new single called? 'Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart'??? I think Mashonda, Swizz Beatz' wife is telling you the same thing Alicia.

    Rev Run said something the other day that made a lot of sense. Got a ton of retweets too...
    "If youre a side chick & you marry that man (remember!) That side chick position is now open again.. Im jus sayin"
    The same saying applies to you too fellas. Don't EVEN get it twisted. I think it applies even if the end result isn't marriage. The same way you get em, is the same you you'll lose em.

    Didn't Alicia sing a song called Karma as well?
    "What goes around, comes around. What goes up, must come down."
     I'm just sayin....think about your actions and how they'll affect other people who you claim to love and care about.


    1. Wow I'm such a big Alicia fan and am so so disappointed I thought she was a class act! What a shame!

    2. Not like Alicia doesn't know the deal, Karma is a mutha after all.

      Relationships nowadays, just like most aspects of society are nothing to write home about, we can only do our best on a personal level.

    3. Miss Keys..smh! No words for her!!Superwoman??NOT!!
      I was listening to Ashanti's Good-Good this morning yes side eye to me too for having this song on my ipod and she was going on and on about how the man can do whatever he does on the side so long as he knows she got the good-good! I wanted to smack her!!

    4. Miss Keys has lost me...its hard to listen to this woman sing about love when you know her personal situation is not above board. Now with her situation comes the thing of do you have a relationship with a man when he is separated from his wife?

      I say wait till those divorce papers are final because if its this true love they are harking on about then that type of love can withstand a year to sort out divorce papers.

      However I think that the two things that I see in relationships these days is selfishness & instant gratification. People want it now and they want it the way they want it.

    5. Hey, didn't realise you'd started blogging again. I gotta get on your rss feed.

      I feel exactly the same when I see Alicia Keys now AND she's on x-factor tonight.

      She was on one of the Christian channels today singing about a woman's worth kmt

    6. its sad that people dont have respect for marriage anymore, its imple if you are not ready to be a one woman man or vice versa dont get into a committed relationship


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