12 Apr 2010

4,3,2,1....Noel Clarke Is Back! Are You Ready?

Thanks to a @kevkevv on Twitter last week he mentioned the new movie which again has been written, produced and directed by Noel Clarke. Talk about a triple threat!

I have blogged about Noel Clarke before as you can see here. I am a fan of his work and have even got my parents [aged 60 and 76] watching and loving his movies. So if I say 'Noel Clarke' my mum knows exactly who I'm talking about.

I watched the trailer last week [only once mind you] and thought, "OK Noel, where are you going with these movies? Is it going to be the same sort of thing as Kidulthood and Adulthood all over again?" Even though those were my thoughts, I hadevery intention when it hits UK cinemas to go and see it. As far as I know there is no one in the UK as a black filmaker on Noel's level...and I must add he's also an Orange Rising Star BAFTA award winner too. Voted for by the public, and yes I did vote for him...with a quickness!

As someone who says what's on their mind I tweeted a 'mini thought' about the movie this morning and tagged Noel into it. I wasn't expecting a response, but received one anyway, which I greatly appreciate.

'the beginning of change.....' I wonder what that is all about? Whatever it is sounds good.
Speaking of change; last week it was reported that Icon has struck a first-look deal with Noel Clarke and his  production company Unstoppable Entertainment. You can read all about it here. Major Congratulations. I love it when black people are on a road to success and constantly striving. It definitely keeps me inspired.
Noel tweeted 'IF' I watch it. Oh trust me Noel I will be watching. When I support I support even if I'm not that keen on something I'll give it a chance. 

Aside from the usual Hollywood Blockbusters like Iron Man and Transformers, I actually get excited hearing that Noel is working on another film on this level where his stamp is all over it. To be honest his movies have a raw, dark, gritty feel to them, but he isn't just putting out movies with the characters 'acting bad mind' for the sake of it. There is a message in his films, and you actually get to feel something for the characters whether you love them or hate them, and even the ones you're supposed to hate you can't help but love. 

As a Londoner I can relate [to a degree of course]. The language and dialect is what you hear out there in the streets and the things going on in his movies are also going on out there...on the streets. I personally don't live it, but know of some who do/have done. I love the fact he doesn't tone it down, and I think that is also key to the fan base that Noel has and will continue to have.  

As well as Noel himself, other stars of the movie include, Tamsin Egerton, UK Grime artist Bashy, Adam Deacon, Shanika Warren-Markland, Eve [yes the rapper], and former Eastender and Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan.

I can be 'hand on heart honest' and say I definitely enjoyed watching the trailer the second time around and will be making it for the 1st day release. First weekend attendance figures for movies are important people, so make yours count! 

As well as Sex & The City 2 and Iron Man 2, I can add 4,3,2,1 to the mini-list of movies I'm looking forward to this summer, and which intend to see on release day. And If the soundtrack is as good as the 'On Dis Ting' instrumental alone, I'll also be getting that for the ipod also.

4,3,2,1 is released in the UK on June 2nd

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  1. I saw Adulthood around 2007 after it came out and I liked it. Will watch out for this but possibly on DVD.


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