11 Apr 2010

Nick Cannon's April 12th Jet Magazine Cover - He Isn't Mr Carey!

People call him corny, but the brotha man and husband to one of the biggest selling female artists of all time is very accomplished...and he hasn't even hit 30 yet. 

Nick Cannon made his first million at 15 years old. 

Can we please stop with the NICK CANNON IS BROKE CRAP! 

"Well..." I hear you say, "compared to Jay Z and Diddy...." 

Shut up!!

...no need to compare, because compared to Bill Gates & Steve Jobs, Jay-Z and Diddy are broke, so that's neither here nor there. I'm highly doubting anyone reading this blog is on Nick's level so check your bank account before you call anyone broke. How are broke folks gonna call someone richer than themselves broke?

This is a hard working man with more fingers in business related pie holes than the average Joe out there.

He hasn't got x amount of kids by x amount of women. he's not doing prison time. He's not buying up ridiculous amounts of cars and houses from every cheque. Nor is he spending over $100k in clubs on Dom P and Cristal in one night. 

Nick doesn't really flaunt his wealth, and it seems he is secure enough within himself to be married to a highly successful woman 11 years his senior.....but according to a lot of you Nick is broke, and it was Mariah who paid for her ring? Stop the madness!

I like the way Sherri, put Barbara in her place on The View back in October 2009, referring to Nick as being an entrepreneur. You could tell she looked a lil pissed off about her even asking "did Nick Pay for the ring?" How do you even have the gaul to ask Mariah (or any woman that) for that matter?

You can see the rings in all their glory at the 4:00 mark.

According to Forbes magazine Nick Cannon's net is worth an estimated $34-39 million, and Mariah worth around $250-$300 million. Based on their careers and success it's easy to to see why, but I'm not going to knock a man who's worth a hell of a lot more than you or I. If he likes it, I love it.

Now to some, people would say his net worth isn't much. Truth is Nick Cannon is a rare breed in Black Celebville. As long as he stays hard working, committed to his businesses and marriage, he's alright by me. From what I see of Nick Cannon so far I wouldn't mind seeing more brothas like him in every walk of life. We should be proud of him and his accomplishments. How many times do black men get press for negativity, and the minute someone pops up like Tyler Perry or Nick Cannon we always have to find SOMETHING to focus on and harp on about. I constantly hear 'coonery' referred to Tyler and 'corny' referred to Nick, but there will be women in droves saddened by Lil Weezy doing jail time and signing damn petitions for his release. Some of you are supporting the wrong brothas I swear!

Send me a Nick Cannon any day, if that's corny I want it. I'll appreciate him. 

He's not afraid to marry a woman more financially affluent and successful than him. 
Has no problem showing and telling the world how much he loves her.
Continues to be a highly successful business man with his 'corny' self cashing those 'corny' checks and driving his 'corny' cars with a brand new 'corny' mansion in LA which he recently purchased with Mariah.

You know there are a ton of highly successful, highly paid black women that would want a brotha that fits the bill like that? Especially one who earns substantially less than his wife and he just doesn't care because he's too busy trying build his own empire. Go get it Nick I wish you the best of luck and anyone else out there trying to be their own boss and build some wealth for themselves.

You can also read about Nick's up & coming projects for 2010 in a back dated Essence feature.

Nick Cannon: Being His Own Man
JET - April 12, 2010 issue

Nick Canon says he laughs when people call him "Mr. Mariah Carey." 'That type of stuff is humorous to me," he says. "The 'Mr.Carey' stuff is not an insult to me." Cannon and Carey married two years ago in a top-secret ceremony in The Bahamas that surprised many in and out of Hollywood.
He says if he was not accomplished in his own right, he might worry when people refer to him as just Mariah's husband. "If I were an insecure individual or if that was true, that type of statement—that I am a 'boy toy' or 'yes man' and all that type of stuff—would bother me. "But anybody who knows me or talks to me for five minutes knows clearly that's not the picture," says Cannon, who is 29.
Cannon has established himself as an actor (in the film Drumline, for example); a recording artist and music producer; stand-up comic; radio personality; and TV host of America's Got Talent.
These days, he is also building a business empire. Cannon is the CEO of his own multimedia company, NCredible Entertainment, and chairman of the Teen Nick television network. Still, his marriage to Mariah Carey gets a lot of attention.
The two clicked when Carey cast him as a lover in the video for her single Bye Bye in 2008. They wed soon afterward (JET, May 26 2008). Some said it wouldn't last more than a few months because of their age difference and her megastar status. He's heard all the rumors and speculation about their relationship.
"You can't take any of it seriously. As long as you are strong with who you are and put your family first within your household what people say on the outside is meaningless," Cannon says. "I believe a marriage is a union where two become one. I am not worried about it." He says age is not a factor in their marriage. "On the outside it may look like it, but it never comes up. We both have youthful spirits; we enjoy life."
Cannon says they will have children when "the time is right." "You can't have a family and be all over the world. You've got to focus and get it right," he says.

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