8 Apr 2010

"Airing My Dirty Laundry" - The "So Here's Your Standing O" Sequel

You didn't think I was going to leave it there did you my fellow blog readers?

I really gotta think of a cutesy name for you guys. Love B Scott has 'love muffins'....I'll think about it and get back to you...

So many of you read, commented and messaged me about the below [scroll down] LONG blog post from last night. I appreciate you all SO MUCH...I REALLY do.

Tonight me and my friend met up for dinner after work. We sat there over dinner both of us engrossed in the content on our Blackberry's. On her's she was reading the said below blog, and I was tweeting away with the gals on Twitter whilst she took over an hour to read it.

During it there were a lot of
Uh huh's
and she even mouthed the word Mutha Fucker
At one point her eyes went O_O whilst she shook her head.

Poor thing, she read slow but blamed it on the small Blackberry font on her browser.

When she FINALLY came to the end she said it was EXCELLENT "but one thing. How are you gonna out the women, but not even mention his name?"

I told her tonight...it's only fair, and quite rightly so.

This will be brief as there are only so many 2:30am bedtimes I can take. I got a lot of business projects I want to be busy on, so can't stay long, but wanna show you guys as much love and be blog present as much as I can, and often.

Women usually do 'the internet check' when they meet a guy and quite rightly so. Or you can head over to Don't Date Him Girl and see if he's listed there. I thought about it, but that would make me anonymous and pretty much shady. I don't need DDHG, this is why I have MY blog for this kinda stuff.

I have nothing to hide.
I have nothing to be ashamed about.
He knows where my blog is at and he knows I go by LondonDiva.
He now knows I'm a bold bitch.

He never gave me the option to REALLY know what I was dealing with, hopefully some other poor cow will if she does the search and stumbles across my blog which does a good job with the Google rankings. This wasn't some down the road boyfriend, this was a long distance from London to McKinney, Texas [just outside of Dallas] relationship.

[name removed by LondonDiva], Tamekia Ford and JoAnne Burgos got outed in the blog below so it's only fair Willie Toombs or 'T' as he also goes by, should be too. A native to Little Rock, Arkansas. He's also lived in Memphis, Tennessee, and now in Texas, been there for nine years. He's 32 and will be 33, October 23rd. He loves Reggae music. Beres Hammond is a favourite of his, so much so he added 'Stay Longer' as the ringtone on his Blackberry when [name removed by LondonDiva] calls. He also had a photo folder on his computer of her and other women who he 'claims' are friends. Potential woman reading this if he tells you it's a friend/cousin run for the hills.

Hmmm what else...he's really into architecture. Chances are his phone will be on silent when you're around, and he may even usher you to bed before him so he can stay up calling, or go out to the garage to make calls to these women too. Watch his fingers as he may even delete 'her' from his call log 2 seats away from you on the couch, as if 2 seats are some far away galaxy and you suddenly became blind.

If you're on the phone with him and he gets a call waiting, he'll probably say it's his mother and that when she calls back to back it must be urgent, has to take the call and that he'll call you back. Chances are he won't. You won't get an apology for it either and won't hear from him for a day or so after that, as it's busy for him keeping track of who he's calling, dating, screwing and dreaming of sliding his hard dick inside of another woman and whoever else. 

If you ever out him on his cheating, he will do whatever he can to lay blame on you. Don't hang around trying to ask why why why? You won't get any answers. He will fuck up, claim he wants to make it work and probably will still be doing his trifling shit behind your back. He's very convincing so beware.

He's into history and anything 'black' and deep, he'll probably quote a lot of shit, this makes him appear to be real deep, down and head strong. He will look you DEAD in the eye if you ask him has he been faithful during your relationship and say will say yes without hesitation. If you can be bothered to date, get engaged or get married to this man I recommend the following book for you.

He's a past cheat. He's cheated and been cheated on...GOOD! He's said he's dated women that have been 'OK' with him cheating and that he's friends with some of his ex's. Well I'm not a woman that's OK with anyone cheating, and I certainly ain't a friendly ex, not to him anyway! If you want to be fine...go ahead!

He's what my friend described as a 'frenemy' he has a friend let's call her 'Ms Shy' who lives wayyyy outta town  is dating his cousin who isn't faithful to her, and Ms Shy basically has a friendship which she values with Willie, she even goes as far as to call him her BFF. Awww how sweet. I've met Ms Shy and I personally refused to get to know her because knowing 'she ain't the only one' I as a woman can't look her in the eye knowing what I know, so I'd rather not thanks. Willie knows about MOST of the women dude has been creeping with. I understand where his loyalty lies with fam and all that, but just another example of him not even being a good friend. 

You all wanna laugh, hang out and joke with your BFF, but on the low aren't checking your boy and assisting this woman in wasting her time when she could be dealing with someone who wants her and only her? Hmph I wonder would she still be calling him a BFF knowing both of em don't have her best interests at heart either?

That reminds me gotta book my flight for my trip to Shy Chi-Town in a couple weeks....
...sorry y'all got sidetracked for a second.

I may expect my phone to ring, an e-mail to drop in my in-box, an anonymous comment left here, a Facebook message, aliases joining Twitter...whatever...trust me I'm ready for it if and when it happens. 

Whoever wants to get mad, can get mad...this is the nicest of things out of many that other crazy woman would want to do.

If you weren't such a man whore Willie, either wanting to get it or actually getting it, and a piece of shit of a scheming, low life, trifling, immature, jumped up excuse of a man, maybe shit wouldn't come back to haunt you in black n white with jpeg pics n gifs...I expect all of the names for me to be called out under the sun, shoot...you may even pray for me. You may read this in utter shock, or laugh and find this utterly amusing...I'mma be a bolder bitch than you thought I was and e-mail these directly to you. But don't get it twisted, I'm not bitter, it's closure on the closure and with regard to everything surrounding your pitiful existence...




  1. Oh my, gasp....

    at least your 'breaking' is like the news...its very informative!

    'Even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010
    Couldn’t put us back together again'- Mariah

  2. POW! I don't know you 'T' but as sure as LDN is not taking you back, I am so sure you will read the comments. So this one is for you...after reading this I had an image of the movie Friday and that scene where Deebo (the neighbour hood bully and all round bad guy) gets knocked out by Craig and then this kid runs over and says to Deebo "You got KNOCKED the Fugg out!!!"

    Now let us pray...lol

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  4. Lol @ kookie's let's pray

    Dayuuum! U are bold sista. Men like Willie deserve to be outed like this so any other woman who does her research well won't be fooled! Yay for google,
    Damn I lived in mckinney for a few months.(Just had to put that here)
    I hope no lady falls for his foolery

  5. Now Willie why are you going to spoil that Beres Hammond song for me??Now whenever I hear it, I'll think of how you made it a ring tone!!Arrrrrrgh...I'm mad..Joe Jackson mad!

    That Bey clip says it all!

    LondonDiva, girl as Miss Dee said Willie was blocking your man, the real man! I'm glad you had the guts to walk away and aren't looking back!

  6. Willie Toombs - you have officially been "put on blast".

    You had platinum and chose nickel instead. What a tool you are! If you lied to those women about your status, then you are the worst kind of cheater. If you didn't and they knew that you were with someone, then they are as bad as you.

    You reap what you sow; that DOES include the bad stuff, so don't get it twisted. There will come a time in your life when it's going so badly and you will ask "Why me?" The answer will be "Well why not"?!

    You let a good woman slip through your fingers. I hope it was all worth it. Sadly for you, I know your KIND and I know that it will not be. You're going to end up middle-aged without the love of a good woman (wife) and family around you. Why? Because of YOUR choices.

    Life is to short for game playing. Why on earth did you waste nearly a decade of my girl's life, if you just wanted to play? You should have been straight up with her and let her have a choice. You are selfish beyond measure.

    I actually have no more words for you as I have spent 5 minutes of MY life commenting on you and you are NOTHING to me.

    LD - you are worthy, keep your head up. Willie was blocking you from receiving the man that you are SUPPOSED to start a new journey in your life with. Don't ever settle for anything less than what you deserve.

    Dee x

  7. PS: I am loving the blog header!!!Loves it! or should I say 'FIERCEEEE!!'

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  9. Judi said...
    Flippin' eck woman!
    Just wanted to say that this is a great piece of writing and I've just had to pick my jaw up of the floor. Bold Bold Bold!

    It was nice of you to give 'T' closure he need never lay awake at night wondering whether you'll take him back or not after he sees this.

    On a serious note - I wish your heart a speedy recovery.


  10. @Talkoum You have no idea how much I love that line from my darling Mimi's track.

    @Kookie speaking of 'POW' that reminded me of 'Clown' right at the end...another Mariah track. He couldn't even construct a sentence quick enough to come back at me after that trust me...he's not clever enough. We already know he's a crappy cheat.

    @Shona...Willie was a cock blocker indeed *I love the double entendre. Honey I KNOW my KING is on his way. Forget prince...and no Willie wasn't a damn prince, more like the pauper who served the Royalty their meals and was allowed to sleep in the kitchen. He is so beneath me.

    @Dee put on blast is correct I do believe a first page Google Ranking put on blast. Misha too. Apparently she knew about me...it's only fair they both get the star treatment.

    I love this "There will come a time in your life when it's going so badly and you will ask "Why me?" The answer will be "Well why not"?!"

    Girl your comment made me wince...OUCH...that musta hurt...oh well. But sweetie I gotta correct you on that, he didn't waste almost a decade on my life...LOL...I'm laughing because through the vexness you got it a lil wrong. I dated my wonderful ex for nearly a decade.

    Do not worry girly my head is FIRMLY UP. No tears have been shed for this fool.

    @Judi I don't know any other way than to be bold. My heart is fine girl trust me, don't you worry about that. On to the next one...ain't no grieving that needs to be done here.

  11. @Funmns YES men like him do deserve to be outed. A lot of women hide in shame when something like this happens to them and they feel foolish. The 'next one' can have my facts over his lies should they choose to be with this Cretin. I really don't think he can change, he's a lost cause when it comes to women.

  12. Wow this is tough love and I like it! You go girl. Forget about the cheat and move on with your life. SMH.

  13. Some things are well overdue. Kudos to you... But Life goes on. True you might have succeeded at whatever your twisted agenda might have been. But in actuality, who cares... This man Cheated, Played you to the left... WOW!! Could've be worst... Who fault was it really, you being so gullible or him being so clever and witty. Seems to me this playa has game, but unfortunately his game got tainted... His game got you drunk with hatred. Expand your discipline, because again this situation could be worst.. There are men who are wrecklessly passing diseases and beating innocent women. At one point you cared and evidentally loved this man.... Y slander his character now...(Short term hault, but long term game is forever, ever, ever, ever, ever)... To You and Him: Move ON!! Live and Learn from your mistakes.... Words from the Wise.... Texas Perfectionist!!!!

  14. @Texas yes life does go on. I've made a decision to do just that and move on.

    Slandering his character, as you out it actually made his current partner who was with him the same time I was probably 'wrecklessly passing diseases' aware of his antics. You make it sound like this blog was written years after the events. No this was pretty recent, like Feb 2010 and I choose to put whatever I want on my blog.

    Oh don't get hatred confused with calling a playa out. When we (especially women) have a disdain for someone or something, we're hating or we hate that person. My ass is outspoken tis all. Hate is a very strong word. Dislike this fool a lot yes, but I'm thankful I went through this to really appreciate the next man that comes my way.

    I'll never stoop to being a woman that smashes a man's car window in or wrecks his shit. This right here is a public service. To any woman who wants to do her 'research' on who she wants to date then they can find truth and fact. My blog is out there in the open, I decided not to resort to one of those cheating sites to expose him.

    I don't know how many women he was screwing, but I'm tired of women especially black women being out at such a huge risk with men who decide to have multiple partners.

    Women have blog posts praising their wonderful husbands/boyfriends that's all good, but I'm also for ones that do women wrong. If one does me wrong on this level, then hey so be it. They need to think about the repercussions of their behaviour.

    I have no regrets.

  15. Hi London Diva,
    You know...I came across your blog from my REAL BFF the one you like to call Miss Shy. And the only thing I would like to say is this...you are posting all your dirty laundry and that's cool...you obviously have an issue with what he did to you and you made it public...I just find it interesting that you mention Miss Shy and what was going on in her situation behind her back and how you chose not to befriend her. Well you don't have to be a friend to give a sista a heads up. It amazes me how women only care when THEY'RE dealing with the situation. You could've helped another woman out by giving her some kind of warning! I do indeed take it personally because my friend is hurt and dealing with this as well now and you only bothered to mention it when you were in the same boat instead of being a woman with character and helping a sista out by getting her out of that boat. But again...you only give a damn when you're in that boat too huh. Just sad...we as women should respect each other more than this. That way we can avoid these kinds of situations and leave the dogs where they belong...with each other.

  16. This is a long one...

    MsFlawless, so you're Miss Shy's BFF? I understand you speaking your mind on the situation, but let me say this...

    I have my close circle of female friends who are practically my sisters. I love them with all that I have and I care about them very deeply. Had this been a situation where one of my girls was Miss Shy, screw a blog, I would have told them directly as we have that kind of friendship and understanding. I know pretty much how my friends would react and they would also know I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart truly wanting the best for them.

    I don't know Miss Shy like that to know what her reaction would have been. Step outside of the box and play devil's advocate for a minute. You meet a woman once who hardly says a word to you then BAM she sends you emails about "your man is cheating" I know how that would have looked, and truthfully so you do.

    You, Ms Flawless, know this woman to a point of caring about her deeply. You have to understand I've met her ONCE over the course of a long weekend when we were under the same roof. I spent my time upstairs or out of the house. She stayed downstairs.

    I kept my distance purposefully and only spoke to her on 3 occasions that I remember; the initial greeting, another time when we came in from whatever we had been doing [which was literally a hi and wave] and to say goodbye when she left. That is so not like me especially when we're in the same house for a number of days. To Miss Shy that probably came across as rude and anti-social, but my reasons had nothing to do with not liking her.

    From what I had seen of her and how Willie spoke about her, she seemed real nice, cool and down to earth. I would have liked to have gotten to know her but I don't base/start any kind of friendship on lies. I'm not all about the "hey girl let's go here, there, talk about this and that" whilst keeping secrets about their personal lives to myself. I've never been in that situation of befriending a person and knowing they're being treated like dirt. I like to be as honest as I can in everything I do and won't be a hypocrite about my shit. So felt it best for me to stay the hell away.

    I understand your friend is hurt, trust me I do. Chances are she is more hurt than I was as she probably never had any idea about his trifling ways, and this has probably knocked her for six.

    As much as I do only give a damn about myself [that's a natural bloody instinct don't you think], I also possess the ability to care about people to some degree even if they play no major role in my life. Miss Shy was one of them. I honestly did NOT want her to be in that situation. Whether you believe it or not she was on my mind A LOT because some way, somehow I wanted to tell her what was going on, and not because I wanted to be spiteful, but because I'm tired of good women being played when they should be with men who know how to treat them right. Like me, another woman spending time, money, investing emotions, clocking up air miles for these bastards.

    I don't know Miss Shy like you do, so it's VERY easy for you to sit there tapping away at your keyboard telling me how you would have liked for it to go down. The question about telling another woman "your man is a low down dirty dog cheat" comes up a lot with the general consensus to be "don't tell her. She won't believe you. She'll turn on you. She's only telling you because she's jealous of what you have" etc etc etc. Before my shit went down you better believe I wanted to tell her from the day I met her, but I cannot lie, now NOT having any affiliation with Willie or his cousin does make it easier to say what needs to be said, but I also thought did she ever know about Willie creeping with another chick when he was with me?


  17. [continued]

    One Saturday morning a few weeks ago I woke up and Miss Shy and her 'situation' was on my mind. I was in a "Should I? Shouldn't I?" mode and even posted on my Twitter should I tell Miss X about her cheating man? A lot of people came back telling me "nope leave it alone, in most situations they never believe you anyway" one persons mother had a best friend in the situation, told her and to this day they don't speak. Some said "if she's not my friend and lives overseas why bother because chances are she probably knows her man is cheating but turns a blind eye to it anyway. In time she'll find out." Now I don't necessarily agree with all of that, but I still wanted to let her know some how. Some women aren't as bold as me to rifle through his shit, others are dealing with men who are good at covering their tracks.

    Stranger or close friend if you know my man is cheating, I'd want to know. Miss Shy could have had the same mindset but hey, like I said didn't know her like that to even know.

    ...Fast forward to the blog post. If I didn't CARE trust me your BFF wouldn't even have been a thought or an indirect mention. I wouldn't have talked it over with my own friend over dinner telling her how badly I feel for her. I certainly wouldn't have bothered with the extra keystrokes on my blog indirectly alerting her to the situation.

    I weighed up a ton of ways to tell her, yes even when I was with Willie. I knew for a FACT that she'd find out via my blog. I just knew. I know how news spreads especially when my blogs that week were surrounding Willie and his cheating ways. That was MY WAY of letting Miss Shy know what was up without having to endure the potential "you're lying bitch" that usually comes with these situations. So rather than deal with that, read my blog [cause I know you will], take it to your man and only contact me if you really want to vent or ask more questions.

    It was crystal clear from the mention of Willie, to me being a Londoner she/her friends [like you] would know what was going on, who it was about and put 2 and 2 together.

    In my blog I write about cheating celebrities and generally when covering relationship topics. My stance on it is strong. I don't like it. I don't condone it. I never will. The REAL way I wanted to break it to Miss Shy was face to face. Just last week I was in her city and would have liked to drop her an e-mail to 'have a talk' but seriously now, coming from me who's uttered about 3 words to her wanting to meet up in her city for a 'talk' in a Starbucks I couldn't chance her saying anything to her man about any communication from me who would have probably lied and told her not meet me. That I'm crazy, bitter n twisted. Things didn't work out for her & Willie and she doesn't want to see anybody else happy.

    My blog was to out Willie and to alert any woman going forward if they wanted to deal with him just what he was about. Just take my information and process it any which way you please. I was disgusted with the way he handled his 'friendship' with Miss Shy, even when I was with him. Aside from being a shit boyfriend, he's also a shitty friend who I felt needed to be outed for that too. This way for me I felt was the right way. I don't take any of it back. As much as I didn't tell Miss Shy directly, the news is here for her in black and white to take in absorb and deal with however she feels fit when it comes to her relationship. The same was for the girl who Willie was cheating on me with.


  18. [continued]

    Am I sorry for the blogs? Nope I'm not.

    Am I sorry that women got played by these fools? The hell I am.

    Did I know that those who needed to know would find out what they needed to find out? Yes I did. How? God. In some way via some means, he'll lead you to find out what you need to know about the people/situations in your life. And if it's via LondonDiva and a damn blog, then hell so be it. I call my reasons behind it a public service. The girl he was cheating on me with, her best friend and now yourself have all contacted me through e-mail and Twitter. So those who I felt needed to know, know. I even e-mailed these blogs directly to Willie. He only wanted to get mad about it when 3 weeks later his girl busted him about the blogs. Some friend/boyfriend who didn't even use that time to say to her or your BFF "look this is what was going down, I'm sorry" before finding out this way [via LondonDiva's blogs]. He took you all for fools thinking you didn't know how to use Google. I sent them to him April 8th then on the 27th he wants me to take them down??? Funny how that happened the day after his girlfriend e-mails me to let me know she read the blogs. That fool was going to continue to sit there and be a bold, faced liar and a fraud.

    Fact remains no matter how I brought it up, it would never have been 'the right way' for the people involved or the people like yourself who are close to Miss Shy.

    Take some time out be grateful she had no home, ring on her finger or child with this man. I'm not asking for a damn cookie for my 'outing' of these dudes, but don't get mad at me and say I didn't help your friend when I actually did. I just helped her in a way you DIDN'T approve of. I am not the one who entered a relationship with her and I'm not the one who pretended to be her BFF. In actuality I have no loyalty to Miss Shy, Willie and her man did but kept quiet...yet you want to slap me on on my wrists? So how did Miss Shy find out about her man???? It wasn't from them? I hope you dropped Willie some kind of message telling him he was her friend, should have told her, but kept quiet. If not that makes you pretty much the same type of woman you accuse me of being.

    If there was no blog post mentioning her 'in code', then she'd probably be down there in McKinney this weekend or planning the next trip.

    Honestly and sincerely I TRULY hope that Miss Shy finds the happiness she deserves with a man who can be downright faithful and loyal to her. I'm not happy that she's hurting, but I'm happy that she alert and aware as to what's going on.

    Like I've stated in other blog posts, I'm an open book, you want a question answered I'll give you an answer. I don't know if she has questions about what I know or not. If she does, top right hand corner...she can e-mail me.

    I wish her the best. I really do.

    End of...

  19. London Diva,
    Your response... while lengthy... was informative and I thank you for that. Now...I personally go with my gut on many things and I have been on both sides of this fence...I have been in your shoes (knowing the information and not knowing how or when to deliver it) and in "Miss Shy's" shoes as well. You say it was on your mind to let Miss Shy know and you did it via this blog...well yes it was the information she needed but honestly she is a WOMAN who would have appreciated the information from you directly.(emphasis on woman not to be confused with a childish individual in womens clothing) I completely understand your stand point on it though and it just comes down to us being two different people. When I was in your shoes...I not only told the woman face to face...I did it in her kitchen while the lying cheating jerk she was dating was in the other room asleep. Didn't he wake up to the surprize of his life...the woman he has children by and living with...AND the woman he's been dating for months...BOTH sitting in his kitchen having tea discussing his lying trifling behind. I didn't know that girl from a can of paint. And yes it was dangerous for me to go to this womans house...she could've been NUTS! (So I took my sister a can of mace and i had on a SERIOUS pair of Nikes! LOL) I didn't care what she did with the information as long as she wasn't being held hostage in a relationship that is based on lies and betrayal. I simply couldn't sleep at nite. She is still with him to this very day and we have had several more run ins due to his lies and deciet and each time I told the whole truth and she chose to stay...power to her...but that's just how I handle things. And you chose a blog which yes we are grateful for because it gave her the information she needed...but when she read it...she had to call me to make sure she wasn't crazy and that this woman (you) was indeed talking about her. It was semi embarrasing for her even with the code name. It made her wonder if anyone else who read it would put 2 and 2 together and see how much of a fool she'd been played for. And as far a your "slap on the wrist" it was out of me being concerned for my friend who is exactly what you described your inner circle to be to you...to me. And out of just being fed up with womens complaints and secrecy! This crap happens all the time and hurts so many people because we have the wrong mentality about it. Less men could cheat if they could STOP getting away with it! They mis-use women as allies and its pathetic but women allow it. And as far as me contacting Wille PLEASE believe I have a few choice words for him and if you have an email address for me that would be great! Miss Shy wont give it to me because she's a peaceful individual and I think that's all fine and dandy but I am just a person who likes to speak her mind! And he and his TRIFLING ROOMATE/RELATIVE have it coming from me the SECOND I get my hands on their contact information. So no...I am NOT the kind of woman that I "accused' you of being...it's all a matter of time before I get my hands on them as well. Thank you VERY much miss thang! I kid...I kid! Power to you and your blog and I hope all works out for you as well. Fact remains you and Miss Shy were both victims and I do acknowledge that...I just wish women had more of an alliance to fellow ovarian club members. That's all...

  20. @MsFlawless email iamlondondiva@gmail.com and I'll send you what you need.



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