9 Apr 2010

I SHOULD Have To Say Thank You!

Plans, dreams, ideas, hopes and aspirations. I'm writing em down and trying to get em knocked out. The first quarter of the year is done and we have three more to go. I said way before 2009 was over that 2010 is going to be my year. If in anyway BIG or SMALL I can help anyone make 2010 be their year, then I'm going to do my damn hardest to try and be a part of it in any way I can.

I just finished replying to the comments left over the past 2 days and can't thank you enough. To be honest I was expecting some of you to be all "tsk tsk" you took it too far LD." I actually didn't care about negative responses, I was expecting them, and didn't get any. You know me, all outspoken and everything, it's always bound to ruffle a few feathers. If I couldn't take the heat trust me this blog would cease to exist.

Late last year when I was in McKinney, Tx me and 'don't even wanna say his name' got into a huge argument. I am a stickler for please and thank you's. We do it amongst friends and family members and it's basic manners. Even little Ronni [my cousin] gets nothing until she says please, and if she doesn't say thank you I take back whatever I gave her until she checks herself. 

It grates me like nails on a chalk board! It REALLY bothers me when you ask something of me no matter how small it is and you don't say the 'P' word. Without it I classify it as a demand, and I'm not here to cater to your demands.

I digress....We had a huge argument and I brought up the fact that at certain times he never said please or thank you. In a really loud raised voice to me he shouted...and I quote [I'll never forget this cause it stuck with me till this day]...


I didn't know what I was more disgusted at the 'fucking girlfriend' part or the fact that because I was his girlfriend it excused him of having basic manners towards me?

You know when you're in 'the moment' whether good or bad and you can't see the severity of just how wrong that is until you step away? That was me. After that argument I got on the phone with my friend who I hadn't spoken to for 7 months because we fell out, to sort out arrangements to get me back home to London ASAP. The thing is at the time I wasn't working so funds were low...yes I paid for a ticket whilst I was unemployed to invest in this relationship and took 3 weeks out of my life to be there with him.

It would cost $200 to change my flight and the earliest I could leave was Nov 6th. I didn't have the funds, the date to leave would have been over a week away and it was also 4 days before I was due to go home, so stuck it out. That's my ONE and only time without 'vex' money and it's never happening again. At least this last time I had my rental car so was able to drive away back to my friend's loft apartment in down-town Dallas and never go back.

Don't get it twisted now, I WILL be going back to Dallas, and knowing me it will probably be in a few months time.

I'm on a high, you can't tell me a damn thing. I'm bouncing along with a spring in my step, my head held high and it feels great. I haven't slept for more than 4 hours at a time the past 3 nights and even on sleep deprivation I've been OK, but I'll definitely be playing catch up tomorrow night that's for sure. I'm not sleeping as I'm busy, not because I'm stressed. Since coming back from Dallas I've gained close to 15lbs. You know I'm estatic about that. Even with puffy eyes, no make-up on rolling into work these past few days, I feel like Beyoncé doing her signature strut.


People like to put down those that spend a lot of time on-line, networking socially with others. I like it and I love it. Many a friendship has been formed and remains tight because of the technological means that people want to hiss at and cast off. 

"Oh I'm not into all that Twitter" I hear that a lot. I interact with people and they interact back with me. I can say a lot of my friends I met on-line, as well as the ones I've grown up with. The friendship is not any less meaningful just because the friendship was formed over blogs or social networking sites. That's why I'll never rubbish them. They mean different things to different people. I am particular about who I keep my company with in all areas of my life, and yes that includes FB and Twitter too. 

I'm saying a HUGE thank you to my on-line family of girlfriends, that keep me sane, amused and inspired. Some are kooky, some funny, some wise, some deep, some spiritual, ALL are loving, they all bring something to the table and I'm grateful for that. God can bring people into your life via Twitter and Facebook, don't get it twisted now. He's uniting people via eHarmony in Holy matrimony. Friendships have been formed on the hair forum, and some never meet until THE day they get invited to their on-line girlfriend's wedding. Friendship period is valuable. I SHOULD have to say thank you to all my girls on LHCF, Twitter and Facebook as I'm grateful to know you in some capacity, and the comments I've received both personally and  on the public domain really lift me up and keep me going. You SHOULD always be thankful whether you're someone's girlfriend, wife or sister.

The day you're not thankful for a person's presence and what they do for you, whether it's getting you a glass of water or staying with you whilst you're sick, is the day you don't deserve to have them grace your presence any longer.

Always remain grateful for the things and the people that you have in your life. 
Have a SINCERE attitude of gratitude, and more good things will come to you.



  1. I'm also one of those people who believe in saying Please and Thank you all the time! It's so necessary.

    It's funny how people try to make it seem like being part of a social network is a crime and it makes you a 'loser'. I have met a lot of people here and I appreciate every moment if it.

    Your attitude is very inspiring. Keep being you :)

  2. And why am I touched by this post?Because it speaks the truth!! Most of the dearest friends I've met online are just that 'DEAREST' and true FRIENDS!
    And I'd like to say a personal thank you to you!! And as always love the you that you are!!

  3. My kids know they aren't getting a damn thing until someone saying please and thank you. My son is 17 months old and knows how to say please and thank you!

    Thank you LD for inspiring me to know who i am and never apologise for it.


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