6 Apr 2010

Coming Soon...I'll Be Getting A Little 'Personal'

Now you guys know I have a lot to say on many topics...but you may have also noticed, that to a degree I'm rather a personal person when it comes to talking about myself in blogs/Twitter/Facebook. I try to keep my personal business private, especially when it comes to relationships.

In my next blog post that's about to change, but only for a temporary moment. I will be a little frank and open in my next blog surrounding a ‘personal’ and ‘relationship’ matter AND I DON’T CARE. I have sat on this blog post for close to a month. I think ShonaVixen must be wondering where it is as I let her read it. It was written a little under a month ago and it hasn’t gone up for a few reasons.

1. I want it to be just right.
2. I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do in putting it up…

…do you think I care now???

Ummm. NO!

I’ll be putting it up because hopefully a faithful blog reader or someone just Googling who stumbles upon my blog may get a little something out of it that helps/inspires them and hey…if not…you got a lil ‘entertainment’. I’m not bothered at all. 

I'll warn you this one will be a long one. I know my blogs are usually long but hey...what can I say???

As my Jamaican daddy says “soon come.” 


  1. Some things are well overdue. Kudos to you... But Life goes on. True you might have succeeded at whatever your twisted agenda might have been. But in actuality, who cares... This man Cheated, Played you to the left... WOW!! Could've be worst... Who fault was it really, you being so gullible or him being so clever and witty. Seems to me this playa has game, but unfortunately his game got tainted... His game got you drunk with hatred. Expand your discipline, because again this situation could be worst.. There are men who are wrecklessly passing diseases and beating innocent women. At one point you cared and evidentally loved this man.... Y slander his character now...(Short term hault, but long term game is forever, ever, ever, ever, ever)... To You and Him: Move ON!! Live and Learn from your mistakes.... Words from the Wise.... Texas Perfectionist!!!!


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